Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th March 2013 Written Update

Koki shows the nail and tells this artificial nail is of nikki's. Nikki gets tensed and again shows her right hand with all the artificial nails on. Koki remains shocked and worried. Savitha taunts koki that koki will be blaming everyone and why isnt she suspecting her mother-in-law or bha. Koki yells at savitha to stop blaming her family. Savitha becomes calm and walks off. Koki turns back to the khana ji's idol and finds a lady taking prasad with left hand. Koki recalls nikki also taking prasad with left hand. Koki turns back and stops everyone. Koki asks nikki to show her left hand. Nikki remains shocked. So koki takes her left hand of nikki's and shows everyone. Koki taunts nikki, how come nikki your left hand's nail is missing. Is this nail yours or not? Give me the explanation about this. I have seen you taking the prasad also with your left hand. While throwing the coconut your nail has got stuck in the coconut. Nikki replies, I thought of breaking the coconut first and it has slipped and hit you. Koki replies, you are in a temple and you are still lying. As this day is an auspicious day I am not calling police. Koki asks everyone to leave. Modi ladies come near the car and koki asks urmi why she was crying when you have done nothing. Urmi replies, I was worried that you will be angry. Koki again says, this clearly shows that you have some wrong intentions in your mind. Koki and other ladies leave before urmi speaks. 

Nikki and savitha becomes friends to take revenge on koki. Next day, koki will be telling the time table and gopi writing it. Hetal comes there. Koki says this time table for rashi. Rashi will be still sleeping and urmi wakes her up with her call. Gopi brings tea for rashi and gives a time table. Rashi wonders and checks it. Rashi gets pissed off. Gopi says by this time table she can be healthy. Rashi denies to follow it. Rashi says when gopi was pregnant koki dint give any time table. Koki over hears this and comes into the room. Koki says she dint prepare any time table for gopi as she used to work alot than taking rest. Koki again says to start her day by having breakfast and then gardening. Again koki asks rashi to wake up early morning at 7'o clock. Rashi gets irritated. 

Urmi thinks of washing dhawal's clothes and cook food for him. But kinjal says she has done all the works. So urmi asks kinjal to polish his shoes. Both rush to the shoes. Both take one shoe each. Kinjal drags the shoe and warns urmi not to interfere in their personal lives. Rashi will be watering trees. She finds a bench and sits on it and will be watering the trees from there.