Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 4th April 2013 Written Update

Everyone in sharma's house, priya will be explaining the flashback. Priya starts saying, "Pihu has packed some parathas in a box to give them to her good uncle. When I and ram asked how did she meet him. She told that she met him on the terrace when she went to terrace with soumya. Ram told pihu to go and help that good uncle. After pihu came into the house we have caught sid. Ram has yelled at me and took sid with him. Now ram will be giving bail to sid to achieve his belief. (In the police station, ram gives bail to sid). Now ram will be taking sid to his house, i.e kapoor mansion". 

In kapoor mansion, Ayesha rushes to sid and hugs him. Ram looks on. Sid and ayesha feels uncomfortable before ram. Ram says its ok. Ram walks to the lawyers and starts talking to them. Ayesha will be angry that she has called the lawyers and she should discuss with them. But sid asks aayesha to calm down and says ram has more experience than her. So let him talk. The lawyers tell ram that if sid wants to come out of this problem then he need to be proved as a family guy. Ram asks ayesha whether she is ready to get married. Ayesha happily agrees. But sid will be in dilemma. Sid asks some time to ram. Ram agrees to it and asks the lawyers to give him some time to think. The lawyers leave. Khush comes and hugs ram. Ram says khush that sid is his real father. Khush confirms twice. Khush walks to sid and asks him, what is my fav color? game and food. For all the questions ram answers and explains khush that his father needs some time to know about him. Sid feels bad. Ram leaves. Sid decides and tells ayesha that they would get married. 

Priya says everyone that sid has no other option so he should get married to ayesha. Once she is married to sid then she loses all the rights on the property and ram gains them back. Nats says they both doesnt love eachother and cannot be happy for 2 days also. Later ram returns home and feels bad for khush before priya. As he has left khush in that house alone in between 2 mean people. Priya consoles ram saying they would bring back khush with them. Next day morning, ram will be reading newspaper and priya comes there. Priya thinks of telling ram about her pregnancy after getting confirmed from the doctor. Ram says priya to go to hospital and he would take care of pihu's school. Priya feels bad for ram as he is still upset for khush and he is a best father. 

Priya tells ram that she is pregnant. Ram shocks.