Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th April 2013 Written Update

Rashi says bye to mira and says she would be back before her ear piercing ceremony. Rashi meets urmi near the jewelry shop. Rashi denies to talk to urmi but urmi drags her forcefully and takes her into some garden. Their urmi explains that koki will be always with gopi and will be pampering her. And with rashi, koki will be always shouting. Urmi says now she should win koki's heart to be happy in modi bhawan. Rashi agrees to it but again remembers that she has tried to know the gender of her babies. Urmi explains rashi that, ahem & jigar are happy in modi bhawan and kinjal is suffering in a chawl. So if she gives birth to girl child then koki will mistreat them as well. Rashi gets worried. Urmi says its the time for her to win koki's heart as she is angry with gopi now. Rashi and urmi thinks of a plan and rashi leaves to modi bhawan.

In modi bhawan, rashi comes to gopi's room. Rashi acts as if she is tired and not feeling well. Rashi asks gopi to bring medicines which doc joshi has sent through some assistant who couldnt find their house. So gopi agrees and walks out. Gopi finds a lady searching for their house. When gopi walks near by the lady's attire will be same as urmi's. Gopi gets worried and thinks of going back into the home as if koki finds her talking to urmi then she would feel bad. Gopi turns back and the lady calls gopi. Gopi turns and finds its some other lady. Here in modi bhawan, rashi gives mira to meeti and asks to take care of her. And she would prepare lemon juice as she isnt feeling well. Meeti goes out into the hall and rashi remains in the kitchen. The jeweler comes to modi bhawan. Koki asks meeti for gopi. Meeti says may be rashi knows about her. Koki walks into kitchen and asks rashi how is she feeling. Rashi says she is ok and gopi had gone out to bring some medicines which doc joshi has prescribed. Koki while going out of the kitchen finds gopi talking to a lady. Koki misunderstands its urmi and feels bad that gopi is talking to urmi though she has broken all the relations with her. Koki comes out and asks the jeweler to start the ear piercing ceremony and he does. Mira cries louder when he does. Gopi who is walking in hears her cry and rushes inside. Their she finds the ear piercing ceremony has been done. Gopi takes mira from koki and tries to calm her down. Koki says gopi that she is late so they have conducted the ear piercing ceremony without her. Gopi says koki that she had gone to bring medicines. Koki asks to show them. As the lady asks for some other address and gopi couldnt find joshi's assistant gopi dint have any medicines. Koki scolds gopi that she is depressed that she is still talking to her maami though she has broken all the relations with urmi.