Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 22 April 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd April 2013 Written Update

In modi bhawan, Urmi in koki's attire, looks into the mirror and feels happy that the modi bhawan is hers now. Urmi feels happy that she can show modi bhawan to dhawal's alliance. Kinjal comes there and finds koki's jewelry and sari's on bed and yells at her that she is happ though her family in problems. Urmi says she has wore her mother's sari's to prove herself as the owner of modi bhawan. Kinjal leaves angrily. 

At urmi's house, rashi will be bringing her washed clothes and a lady throws dust in the bucket. Rashi argues with the lady but koki comes there and brings rashi in. Koki explains rashi that they have succeeded to convince the chawl people to help them by not saying anyone that they are staying here till the case gets to an end and if she fights with the chawl people then they would never show interest to help them. So rashi gets convinced and promises that she would not fight with anyone. Rashi again complaints koki that its very hot in the house and the cooler as well isnt working properly. Gopi asks rashi to take rest and she would bring lemon juice for her. Gopi finds that drinking water has been finished in the kitchen. Gopi says koki that she would bring water from the bore well. Ahem says he too would help her. The couple walks downstairs to bring water. 

Nikki and savitha in their compound will be doubting that how koki has left her tulsi plant without water. And even they arent finding her dil's as well. The twesome hear some one smiling loudly and they both walk in to find whats the matter. They both find urmi in modi bhawan and wonder. They ring bell and kinjal opens the door. Kinjal says there is nothing to talk to them. Urmi finds them and thinks that they might leave front door and welcomes them in. Nikki and savitha try to get the actual information from urmi and asks her. Urmi says that her time has changed. Urmi says she has some work and forces them to leave from there. The goons who are watching modi house gets call from Acp and leaves from there. 

In the chawl, ahem helps gopi in filling water in buckets. There 2 men come and inquire about gopi. But the chawl people say that gopi doesnt stay here. Hetal comes downstairs and the 2 men inquire about gopi to her. The 2 men doubt that her attire doesnt suit to the chawl. Few ladies of chawl support hetal that they can be smart as well in chawl. The 2 men leave. Gopi and ahem thanks all the ladies. The ladies appreciate gopi for helping. 

Nikki and savitha feel angry that urmi has forced them to leave the house. They both think of knowing the reason behind it. In modi bhawan, the bakery fellow comes with the bill. Urmi gives the bill to kinjal. But kinjal says she and dhawal as well doesnt have money so she only should pay the bill. Finally urmi pays the bill. At urmi's house, rashi will be feeling hot in the house. So koki asks rashi to stay with her mom in modi bhawan till their problem gets cleared. But 1st she would check the safety.