Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th April 2013 Written Update

Savitha and nikki calls koki who is working in the garden and tries to inquire about modis. But koki says she doesnt know anything about them. Koki calls urmi and says the twosome to ask her. Savitha and nikki rush into their homes. 

Acp scolds his persons that they should any how find out where modis are, if not he will be caught. Acp tells his persons to inquire the neighbors  A gas cylinder person comes to modi bhawan and tells that he bought the cylinder which they ordered. Koki suspects him and says they havent ordered any cylinder. Meeti will be dusting and a family photo of modis fall on ground. The person looks on. Koki sends away the cylinder guy forcefully and closes the door. Koki doubts that the cylinder fellow might be the follower of Acp. Koki thinks that this guy belongs to Acp and he might have seen their family picture. So he might recognize them. Koki thinks of sending text this to ahem so that they can be alert. 

Acp's persons inquire about modis to savitha and nikki. Both say that they are happy that modis have left as koki was so problematic  The goons gets upset that they got no information. In the modi bhawan, urmi keeps her mobile on table and sits in the sofa. Meeti tells urmi that food is done. So urmi leaves her mobile and walks to have food. Koki comes to them and asks about new gardener to meeti. Later koki finds the gardener checking urmi's mobile on a bowl and shocks. Koki turns back and scolds him. But the gardener says that he has come to have water. 

The gardener comes out and calls Acp and tells that someone has called urmi and he has noted that number. Acp asks to forward the number to trace it. In the garden, Koki gives 200 rupees and tells the gardener that their old gardener has returned back so he need to leave. But the gardener denies to leave. Koki gets sure that he is of Acp's person. Acp comes to know that the call was from rajpal nagar. 

At rajapal nagar, Ahem gets a call from shukla. Shukla tells that Acp has traced them with the call from a landline to modi bhawan. Shukla tells ahem not to leave the house as Acp might reach the place any minute. Ahem tells everyone. Some one knocks the door and tells they are their neighbors  Gopi opens the door and a punjabi couple comes in. Acp reaches rajpal nagar and comes to urmi's house. Rashi in a tamilian attire, opens the door. Acp asks for gopi.