Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th April 2013 Written Update

Rashi in a tamilian attire opens the door. Acp asks for gopi. Rashi says that there is no gopi modi here. The Acp and others doesnt move so rashi forcfully sends them away. Acp asks his followers to check the beside house. So 2 guys go and knock the door. Gopi in a punjabi attire opens the door. Before Acp comes to her ahem as a punjabi guy sends her in and talks to the goons. Ahem says that there is no gopi here and sends them away. Acp orders his goons to stay alert all time in the colony and should find out gopi any how. 

At modi bhawan, urmi gets a call from dhawal's alliance. The lady tells that they are coming to her palace to check it. Urmi feels happy but again gets worried about kinjal and koki. Koki in the garden will be keeping an eye on the gardener and the gardener will be getting irritated about this. Koki gets a text message from ahem that Acp has found them. Koki gets worried.

At modi bhawan, kinjal brings tea for dhawal. But dhawal denies to have it. Kinjal asks dhawal to forgive her or give any punishment. Urmi comes there and asks kinjal to leave dhawal. Both kinjal and urmi argue. Dhawal stops them and sneezes once. So urmi asks dhawal to take rest as he might get cold and locks from outside. When kinjal asks why she is locking the door, urmi replies that she is taking care of her cousin as at least she should do it. Urmi leaves taunting kinjal. 

At urmi's place, jigar and chirag dress up like tamilian guys and feels happy. Jigar laughs at rashi's attire. Ahem will be feeling very uncomfortable with his punjabi dressing. Gopi feels bad for making all uncomfortable. Ahem says gopi that she is beautiful in the punjabi suit. 

At modi bhawan, the Dhevatia's family arrive. Urmi welcomes them in. Urmi takes them to koki's room. Kinjal hears their voice and asks meeti. Meeti says it was urmi's friends. Mrs Dhevatia asks for dhawal but urmi says he is in meeting and he cant talk to them. They ask urmi to call him but she says she cant as he cant take any call while in meeting. So Mrs. Dhevatia asks for dhawal's mobile number. 

At rajpal nagar, ahem will be busy on phone, parag busy adjusting his cap. So gopi thinks of bringing mira's towel. Gopi finds the towel has fallen on the ground. So gopi walks down and takes the towel. Acp comes there and calls gopi.