Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th July 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Koki comes into kitchen and finds gopi has prepared many food items. Koki says she should have control on her mom's love. Gopi happily says that she is very happy that she has finally found her mother. Koki gets emotional but remains calm. Koki says she would help her in preparing food items. At urmi's place, kinjal, dhawal and mama ji shocks looking at urmi in suit. Urmi says now she is a manager and she has lots of work to do in office. At modi bhawan, gopi's father says ahem that he would visit his office once. Ahem says today he is visiting the site so he would take him next day. Radha finds ahem isnt taking lunch box so she packs food in a kids tiffin box. Ahem feels embarrassed but takes the box and leaves. Gopi's father asks koki whether ahem and jigar share 50 % each in the business. Everyone gets shocked. Koki answers that they all work together in the office and they doesnt have any shares. Gopi's parents feels happy about it.  

Gopi sneezes and both koki & madhu get worried. Both koki and madhu brings tea for gopi. Koki finds gopi was having tea which madhu has brought. So gopi finds koki's feelings, and gopi mixes both the tea's and drinks. Koki & madhu feels happy. Koki says madhu that she has taken care well about gopi till now. Madhu replies that she need not worry about gopi from now as she would take care of her. Koki gets upset. Rashi finds radha passing from her room. Rashi calls radha and asks her to help her in work. But radha denies in working saying koki has asked her not to do any work except playing with mira and have fun. Rashi gets angry and decides that she would any how make radha work for her.

Koki & hetal with mira walk to gopi's room to check her health. Both the ladies shock looking at madhu giving dhoop to gopi. Koki sends mira with hetal and asks madhu to stop all the fuss. Gopi says both madhu & koki that she is fine now. Gopi says madhu that the next day is ahem's birthday. Rashi calls urmi and complains that radha isnt helping her. Rashi finds radha passing from there. So rashi says urmi that she has read her horoscope in an english paper that her day goes fine. And the tarots are very true. Radha asks rashi to check her horoscope. Rashi says because of her only gopi isnt getting well. Rashi says radha to stay away from gopi so that she can get fine. 

Jithu asks urmi and kinjal to think of some gift to ahem. Kinjal says dhawal has told that he would buy the gift for ahem. But jithu says that he should buy some thing for ahem. So urmi thinks of giving the free samples of creams to ahem. At modi bhawan, Koki doubts why gopi isnt coming out from her room and walks there to check her. Koki finds gopi getting ready to have bath. Radha comes there and asks gopi to take bath. Koki and radha argue about gopi taking bath. Finally radha says koki that she has given birth to gopi and she knows well how to take care of her child.