Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st July 2013 Written Update

Gopi/Devoleena as Dulhan for her Punar Vivaah :)

Modis will be excited about ahem-gopi's marriage. Gopi's parents are excited about the kanya-daan. Gopi's father tells everyone that he would do another special daan on the day of marriage. Dhawal & jithu comes there and asks modis to come to their house as they wanna make this wedding some thing different so they should bring the baraat from jithu's house. Radha gifts a pagadi to ahem which makes him irritated. Gopi understands his feelings and tells everyone that they would wear the same dresses which they wore on their first wedding so that her parents can see them how they were on that day. Gopi's parents agree. Ahem feels happy. Even koki feels happy.  

Rashi will be angry that radha got a new dress for gopi's wedding. Urmi says rashi that she can earn money by hiding ahem's shoes. Koki calls rashi and tells that they are going to rajpal nagar except herself and meeti. Gopi feels very happy about her fate that she got a wonderful husband, house, baby mira and a loving family. Gopi thanks khana ji. 

Rashi informs urmi that modis have started to rajpal nagar as her papa has requested them. Urmi gets angry with jithu. Modis arrive at urmi's place. Urmi gets worried that she has to serve all of them. Gopi tells rashi that she is going to khana ji's mandir and go to rajpal nagar by auto. Radha finds gopi going out through back door and asks rashi. Rashi says she went to meet murali manohar who gopi loves a lot. Radha gets worried. Gopi's parents will be busy in decorations and radha will be worried. Rashi asks radha not to tell anyone about gopi's lover. Modis arrive at modi bhawan. Gopi will be at mandir thanking khana ji. Heavy rain starts and gopi gets worried how she would reach modi bhawan in the heavy rain.