Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st August 2013 Written Update

Modis arrive modi bhawan. Modis get shocked with their variety of welcoming them. Koki and ahem shocks but bha stops koki. Koki thinks of checking gopi but gopi's mom stop. Radha will be worried about gopi that she dint return home yet. Urmi thinks of bringing the chawl ladies in to the modi bhawan to let them watch the street dances and the fire games which gopi's parents have arranged. Jayanth cuts his mustache. Koki wonders and asks why did he cut them. Jayanth says he has promised before khana ji that when they find gopi then he would cut his mustache. The chawl ladies demand money from urmi that they couldnt see the long mustache person. Urmi shows another men who is making the fun shows and says to enjoy the other shows. Radha will be worried about gopi and tries calling her. But koki finds this so radha quits calling. Rashi acts innocent that gopi isnt back yet and what they should do now. Gopi calls ahem but ahem couldnt listen her voice. Rashi tells urmi about how she has fooled radha. Ahem asks rashi whether she has stolen his shoes. Rashi says yes and says she would return them once they give money. Jigar denies it. Mira brings ahem's shoes and rashi gets pissed off. Koki gives mira to radha and asks to check gopi is ready or not. Radha walks to gopi's room worried. Gopi calls the landline but hetal couldnt listen gopi's voice. The pundit asks gopi to wait for some more time as its raining heavily but gopi is worried. Pundit at the wedding asks to call the bride. Koki walks to bring gopi downstairs. Radha will be worried about gopi. Here gopi will be worried about muhurat. Gopi prays khana ji to help her to reach her home. Koki bangs gopi's room door and gets worried why gopi isnt opening the door. Door opens and radha will be in dulhan's attire. Koki asks for radha.