Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 12 August 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2013 Written Update

Madhu gets angry with urmi and thinks of teaching her a lesson. Rashi thinks urmi might have gone to near by bank and hurries up. Urmi reaches the bank. When urmi will be pleading the people in the line, the bank manager tells the cashier that ahem's cheque has been lost and to block it & even asks to arrest him. Urmi lies to one of the person in line that she has to draw money for some operation. The person believes her. Urmi will be before the cashier and rashi reaches the bank and finds urmi. 

Rashi will be with her friends. Her friends think that radha is rashi's maid. Rashi asks radha to sit outside with tholu & molu so that others dont get disturbed if they cry. Radha leaves with the kids. Radha finds few other maids outside and thinks they are the sisters of rashi's friends. Rashi's friends appreciate rashi for taking well care of her maid. Urmi reaches her home and madhu scolds her. Madhu says to clean the house and prepare the bhog for naag panchami. Urmi gets irritated. Koki asks gopi to bring all the required pooja things for naag panchami. Gopi leaves in the auto. Rashi sends a few pieces of pizza for radha. Gopi takes all the things and gets into the auto again. Gopi's auto gets stopped suddenly and she gets down. Gopi hears tholu molu's crying and finds radha in rear mirror. Gopi walks to radha and walks inside the restaurant. There gopi hears that rashi saying her friends that radha is the maid of her kids. Gopi gets upset and calls rashi. Gopi asks rashi to come out for a while. Gopi asks rashi why she is behaving so badly with radha. Rashi tries to cover up her mistake but gopi doesnt believes her. 

Madhu calls gopi. But koki takes the call as she has forgot to take it. Madhu scolds koki for sending gopi out. Koki asks madhu to call later. Madhu hears mira's voice and asks koki to let her talk to mira. Koki gives mobile to mira. Madhu wishes her and says she would teach a poem. But koki takes the mobile and says kids shouldnt talk on phone for long time and disconnects. Gopi forcefully takes radha home.