Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 12 August 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 12th August 2013 Written Update

At kapoor mansion, Sudhir gifts a watch to bhanu and asks him to take good care of nats. Bhanu promises that he would take care of nats well. Sudhir goes to nats room. Sudhir gifts a necklace set and kangan to nats. Nats asks krishna that she wants to wear the necklace set which sudhir has gifted her. Krishna agrees. Ram asks krishna about where priya has gone without telling anything to anyone. Ram will be worried about priya. Even nats will be waiting for priya. Priya comes to nats and says she wants to talk to her something important. A lady named roshini comes inside and says she has some thing to share with her. Here near mandap, pundit calls the bride. Ram & vikram comes to nats room to take her. Their they find roshini and confuses. Roshini says everyone that bhanu traps a millionaire gal and uses all her money then he leaves her. And he has does this with many gals. Ram says he would confirm with bhanu but Vikram doesnt agrees for it. Even bhanu comes there and finds roshini there. Bhanu finds everyone looking worried and says roshini might have told half the story to everyone and she hasnt told why he has left her. Bhanu says he has left roshini because she has started illegal works in their company. So he dint feel good so he has dumped her. Nats says priya might be worried about her parents that there will be no one to take care of them so she has done this. Vikram, neha and sudhir blames priya that she is insulting bhanu. Priya tries to defends herself but no one believes her. Finally nats declares that she is cancelling the marriage.

Later, ram scolds priya for making the fuss in nats marriage. A shergill mansion, tVikram & neha tries to console bhanu. Nats comes there. Nats says bhanu that she wants to leave everyone behind and marry him in the same night. At kapoor mansion, Ram finds nats missing and tries calling her but her mobile will be switched off. 

Bhanu and nats will be in car and suddenly bhanu stops the car and gets down. Nats gets down and asks why he has stopped the car. Bhanu says he isnt finding her smile. Nats understands and smiles. Bhanu shows  a way from where they have come and says that they would leave everyone behind. And shows the way which they have to move on and says there they can live a new life happily by starting a new business with her money. Nats says, what money? She doesnt has any. Bhanu asks nats about the property which ram has given her. Nats replies that she hasnt taken property from ram in fact she wants to lead a life without ram & priya. Bhanu gets pissed off and says he wants nats with money but not without money.