Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2013 Written Update

Gopi & radha come home. Gopi warns radha that she shouldnt go out with rashi again. But radha complains gopi that she doesnt care about her and rashi loves her a lot so she would go out with rashi. Gopi feels bad that she couldnt say the truth to radha. Gopi decides that she would protect her sister from all the situations. Koki comes there and asks gopi whether she has brought all the required pooja things or not. Koki finds gopi is dull and asks whats the reason. At urmi's place, Urmi will be angry with madhu that she is torturing her all time. Urmi decides to plan some thing evil and get her phone back. 

Rashi comes home and koki stops her. Rashi finds gopi with koki and thinks gopi has told everything to koki. Koki starts scolding rashi that she is irresponsible that she was going out and she dint even say a word to her so that she can get the pooja things with her. Koki leaves. Gopi says rashi that she has respect for her and she would not tolerate if she repeats the same misbehavior with radha again. Rashi gets pissed off. 

Urmi goes to a mobile shop and finds a mobile phone which looks similar to her phone. Urmi gets upset by knowing the price of the mobile is 5k. Urmi gets a wonderful evil idea. At modi bhawan, Rashi goes to radha and tries to console her and fills poison in radha's mind against gopi. At urmi's place, urmi replaces the dummy phone with real phone. Madhu comes there and asks urmi to get on the work again. Suddenly the mobile rings. Kinjal comes there and tells madhu that the phone in her hands is dummy and the real mobile is with urmi. Madhu demands to give the phone and get into the work. Urmi unwillingly gives the mobile and leaves. 

At modi bhawan kitchen, koki asks gopi why she is upset since morning. Rashi comes there and finds gopi with koki and gets worried that she might say everything to koki. But gopi says koki that radha is behaving differently since few days and its making her worried for radha. Koki consoles gopi and asks not to worry about the kid. Rashi feels happy that gopi couldnt complain on her with koki. Madhu calls gopi but gopi says she is busy right now. Madhu asks gopi to pour milk for the snake on the auspicious day. But gopi says that snake doesnt drink milk and we shouldnt believe it. But madhu insists gopi to do so. Koki says she is with her in this disbelief. 

Urmi & kinjal decides to get relief from madhu. At modi bhawan, rashi's room, rashi puts sari on radha and asks whats important about naag panchami. Radha explains and tells they should do fasting to fulfill their wishes. Rashi asks radha to fast for her. Radha agrees. At urmi's place, gopi's father finds madhu always pissing urmi. Later Urmi calls rashi and says madhu is killing her. Koki comes to rashi's room. Rashi complains koki that these days gopi is talking to her on phone for long time. Koki defends gopi saying that gopi dint have mother's love since many years so its valid to talk to each other but she and urmi will never stop talking for years. At urmi's place, urmi wakes up and thinks of eating some thing before every one wakes up so that she can stay all day with out eating as well. But urmi finds kitchen is locked. Madhu comes there and says she has locked the kitchen because she kept milk for naag. Urmi gets pissed off again. 

Next day, modis does naag pooja. Koki appreciates radha that she is looking good in sari. Radha says rashi has put on the sari. Gopi gets upset.