Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th August 2013 Written Update

After naag panchami pooja all disperse from there. Gopi, Ahem and radha will be near by mandir. Koki while walking towards calls gopi. Gopi in a hurry rushes and slips. But ahem grabs her. Koki finds this and leaves from there. Radha finds this and thinks that ahem is so good. At urmi's place, kinjal couldnt bear without having water so she pours water in a glass but urmi stops her from drinking. Madhu as well comes there and scolds both the saas-bahu. Madhu tells both kinjal-urmi that if someone in between the two finds cheating about the fasting can be gifted by skipping a day work. Both the ladies feel happy. Madhu thinks by doing this these two ladies would do the fasting well. At modi bhawan, rashi finds radha thinking some thing happy. So rashi asks whats the matter. Radha says she wants a hubby same as ahem only. Rashi smiles and leaves. 

At modi bhawan, all the ladies come home back from temple. A snake hatcher comes into their colony. Savitha and other ladies asks modi ladies to pour milk for the snake. Koki and gopi explains everyone that they shouldnt pour milk for the snake and its not good for the snake. Mean while the snake enters into modi bhawan. Koki scolds savitha and comes into the house. Mira will be playing with the ball in the hall and shows it to gopi. Gopi asks mira to play and goes to do her work in the kitchen. While playing mira finds the snake in the home and calls gopi. Mira does a shivering action (Scared one) and says gopi there is some thing scary. But gopi ignores it and leaves. At urmi's place, kinjal & urmi will be frustrated about madhu's behavior with them and decides to make themselves free from her. Madhu comes there and asks them to get ready to go to modi bhawan. But kinjal-urmi rejects to come. Madhu doubts them and says they might be planning to eat some thing after she leaves. Madhu insists both the ladies to come with her to modi bhawan. 

Mira goes to rashi's room and tells "Snake". But rashi thinks its snacks and gives a chip to her. But mira leaves clamly. Rashi leaves it and finds her kids are silent so she would keep the ice pack on her eyes. Rashi keeps her eye pack and takes a snack but grabs the snake. Rashi doubts and opens her eyes. Rashi shocks and throws it away. The snake moves away from the room. Koki who was passing by from rasi's room finds rashi standing on the bed and scolds her. Rashi gets out of the shock and tells there is a snake in the home. Koki, gopi, and hetal thinks that mira is in the hall and they ask rashi not to get down and rushes into the hall. Gopi rushes to mira and grabs her. Bha also gets onto the sofa and sits. Rashi calls koki and says she is very much scared and she would come into the hall to stay with them. Koki agrees and says she would come upstairs to take her and tholu-molu. Gopi suddenly remembers radha and gets worried.