Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 19 August 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th August 2013 Written Update

Sapera tells modis that he would come back once the power comes. But koki asks to wait. Rashi will be happy that her family is safe because of the mani. Rashi tells urmi about the mani. Urmi says rashi to wish some thing which she cant get. Rashi thinks over and feels stressed. She feels like eating chocolate and she finds one on floor. Then rashi wishes power to be back and the power comes. Rashi thinks this is happening because of mani. Rashi dreams that koki as sapera and she as a nagin. Koki wakes her up.

Madhu comes with her husband to modi bhawan and scolds modis that they are doing mistake by killing a snake on naag panchami. Radha finds the snake and thinks that she should pour milk to snake. Modis try to explain madhu that its just a superstition of pouring milk for snake. Radha finds snake moving into kitchen. Radha thinks that she should do pooja and wish for a good husband like ahem. Rashi says she would go to her room with urmi saying she should change the diapers. 

Rashi wears the mani in her neck. Urmi says she should be careful from others. Both ladies dreams to have koki as their maid and they as owners. Urmi says rashi to be careful. Both come back downstairs. koki thinks of going to kitchen but bha stops her. Radha finds no one is looking at her and takes the pooja thali abd rushes to kitchen. Radha does pooja. Mira rushes to kitchen and koki also rush behind her. Koki finds the snake before radha and calls everyone. The sapera leaves angrily as koki scolds him. Modis call radha but radha says she would do pooja of naag devatha. Madhu also joins radha. Madhu will be happy to have darshan of naag devatha. Rashi says everyone that she would save them all. Rashi moves near to the snake and tries catching it.