Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 30 August 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2013 Written Update

Madhu finds kinjal and urmi sitting idle. So she walks to them and yells to get into some works. Both get pissed off. Urmi and kinjal decide to get rid off madhu's torture. So both the ladies become friends and thinks of doing it together. Savitha finds no one watching her so Savitha goes into kitchen and thinks of spoiling some thing for pooja. She finds panchamruth. Savitha thinks that without panchamruth modis cannot do pooja. Savitha brings the vessel with panchamruth to terrace. Meeti as well comes there to take the dried clothes. While meeti takes the clothes savitha hides behind the bush. After meeti leaves she hides the vessel beside the tank and comes back downstairs. 

During pooja, pundit asks to bring panchamruth. Gopi walks to kitchen but she finds panchamruth missing and gets worried. She searches everywhere in the kitchen but couldnt find. Pundit once again asks for panchamruth. Savitha taunts koki that modis couldnt keep their words properly. Koki walks to kitchen and finds that panchamruth is missing. Both the ladies come back and tells everyone about it. Savitha keeps on taunting modis. Gopi says pundit that she would bring pure water and shall mix tulsi leaves in it for pooja. Pundit agrees to it.

A cat finds the panchamruth vessel and hits it. The vessel drops into the tank. Gopi goes into the kitchen and opens the tap. She thinks that the tank is empty but the panchamruth in the tank flows. Gopi rushes to terrace and finds the panchamruthvessel in the tank. Gopi understands that someone has done it on purpose. Gopi again goes downstairs and takes the panchamruth to pooja. Everyone wonders. Gopi explains everything. Koki says she know who has done it and walks towards savitha. Savitha says koki not to doubt her before koki speaks something. Everyone understands that savitha was the culprit. Pundit starts pooja. Modis does pooja. Bha says everyone that there will be a skit of krishna leela.

Madhu will be very nervous about the skit. Kinjal-dhawal will be explaining the story. khans(Parag) orders his soldiers to kill every boy child. Madhu-jayanth as Devaki-vasudev. After the birth of krishna (tholu), he takes him to Yashoda (Hetal) and brings away her baby.