Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Written Update: Saath Nibhana Saathiya September 2nd 2013

Radha shocks looking at ahem. Radha says ahem cant cheat gopi and love her. Rashi looking at her twins cooks up a story that koki also had twin children, ahem & swayam. When swayam dint agree to marry the gal which koki has shown she has thrown him away from home. As ahem has married gopi according to koki's wish she has let ahem to live in modi bhawan. Radha believes rashi. Radha says they would go koki and tell everything to her. Here ahem thinks of leaving the man in hospital and go home. Ahem takes him to his car and starts. Rashi says radha that koki doesnt likes her well. And if gopi knows about swayam loving her then gopi might spoil her love life. So they shouldnt say anything to koki now. Radha agrees and feels happy. Radha thanks rashi. Radha finds ahem leaving. Rashi says swayam is very shy so he left. 

At urmi's place, urmi comes home and worries that everyone will kill her if she doesnt makes the payment. Urmi gets the call from the chitfund member. Urmi says in changed voice that urmi isnt at home and disconnects the call. Madhu overhears and asks whom she is lying. Urmi makes an excuse that it was some bank and leaves from there. At modi bhawan, rashi & radha come home. Even ahem comes home. Radha thinks its swayam. Even rashi agrees to her words. Rashi asks radha to keep it as a secret. Gopi comes there and asks where she was. Radha says happily that she cant say anything now but says she is very happy that khana ji has listened to her prayers. Radha walks to mandir and prays. Gopi doubts that radha might be having some guy in her mind. Gopi asks rashi whether radha has told something to her but rashi says no. 

Koki finds radha looking herself happy in the mirror in her room. Koki doubts and asks radha whats the matter. Radha says its nothing. Urmi calls rashi and scolds why she told radha that ahem is having a twin brother. Urmi warns rashi to stop this before koki or ahem knows about this. Later, koki asks gopi to be more cautious about radha as she has come from a village and anyone can cheat on her. Koki also says that radha was looking herself happy in mirror which is a result of some thing bad. 

At urmi's place, kinjal comes to urmi and reminds that madhu has told to prepare papads. But urmi thinks she should be anyhow go to the chit fund office. Urmi says she needs to go to doctor and rushes out. At modi bhawan, Gopi asks radha to help her in some work but radha replies that she has applied nail polish just now so she would help her later. In the hall, jigar will be passifying ahem about some business deal. Ahem leaves to his room. Jigar tells gopi that ahem's mood isnt good so asks her to take care of him. Gopi walks upstairs. Radha follows ahem and overhears ahem asking gopi to prepare tea for him. Radha rushes to kitchen. Radha and gopi argue eachother to prepare tea. While arguing, the vessels will be falling on ground and making noise. Ahem who is already irritated walks to kitchen and scolds gopi to let radha prepare tea for him. Rashi overhears this and thinks of poisoning radha's mind. Gopi leaves. Rashi says radha that swayam wants only tea prepared by her. Radha feels happy.