Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 6 September 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th September 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Rashi goes to gopi's room and takes a girl toy saying she wants to show few mira's toys to tholu-molu to make them sleep. Urmi and madhu will be in 1 room, madhu warns urmi to wake her up at sharp 4 am to have pooja. Rashi in her room with radha, Rashi shows the doll hair to radha and says its swayam's wig. Radha believes in rashi's words. After radha leaves, rashi feels happy and thinks of calling urmi and tell her about the kalakari. Rashi rushes out but koki confronts and scolds rashi to be with her kids instead of freaking out. Urmi gets scared of madhu's warning and thinks of being awake all night if not she will scold her. At 4 am, radha gets ready with flowers and walks out. But rashi finds her and scolds radha not to come out with flowers as if some one looks at her then it might become a problem. So radha again walks into her room. Urmi tells rashi that they should do something by which when radha tells the fake story of swayam then no one should believe her. Radha removes all the flower jewelery. 

Bha praises madhu for completing the pooja well. Urmi says gopi to bring something to eat. Koki stops gopi and scolds urmi that even gopi has worked hard being fast. Even madhu scolds urmi for not working properly. Madhu says they would break the fast when dhawal & jayanth comes to modi bhawan. Urmi feels insulted that koki & madhu has insulted her before everyone on the fest. Madhu says everyone that the wife who swings jhoola by her husband then their relation will be of 7 births. Radha thinks of confirming whether its ahem or swayam in modi bhawan right now. All men except ahem come into hall. All leave to the garden for jhoola fest. 

At jhoola, koki asks urmi to swing the jhoola first as she is hungry. Urmi gets worried as she loosen the jhoola's nuts. Urmi makes an excuse that jithu hasnt come yet so she wouldnt do that. Urmi asks koki to swing first. All the couples swing except ahem-gopi as ahem hasnt come downstairs. Koki asks urmi to swing. But urmi get tensed. madhu says she would swing her. madhu lets urmi to sit on jhoola. Before madhu swings the jhoola urmi falls down on the ground as the screws get loosened. madhu picks her up. Here in the hall, ahem walks downstairs and radha dashes him with a plate of fruits. Ahem gets angry and picks up the fruits. While picking up the fruits, radha pulls ahem's hair to check whether its a wig or not. Ahem gets hyper and scolds her. All the people rush near them. Koki asks ahem what has happened and why he is shouting at radha. Ahem says she has pulled her hair. All get wondered. Gopi apologize ahem. Rashi gives a sign to radha not to reveal the secret. Koki asks radha what has happened. But radha will be crying. Radha leaves from there crying. Rashi says radha is behaving like a fool. Madhu gets angry and yells at rashi to stop. Jayanth apologizes everyone and says if radha is creating problems at home then he would take her from there.