Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th September 2013 Written Update

Radha yells for gopi and koki to come to rashi's room that she has found the kangan. All the ladies reach there. Rashi says mira has given the bangles to her. Koki scolds rashi that before wearing them she should have told gopi. Koki asks rashi to remove them and give them to gopi. Rashi says they have got glued to her hands. Koki doesnt believe her and asks not to tell any lie and take off the kangan as soon as possible. Radha will be happy and decides to trouble rashi more. Later, rashi will be trying to take out the bangles and will be muttering that radha is the main cause of this trouble. 

Here in urmi's house, urmi buys 3 bags of onions. Madhu and jayanth scolds urmi for buying them at this high rate. Urmi says that she would sell them at high price and get profits. Later urmi will be selling onions in her chawl. Kinjal comes to urmi and shows her that onions price has dropped down to 20 rupees. Urmi gets pissed off and also gets worried about madhu's scoldings.

Rashi comes to the kitchen where radha is packing ahem's tiffin box. Rashi scolds why she has called everyone. Radha says she thought that koki would appreciate rashi that she has found gopi's kangan but she has scolded her. Rashi believes and says koki will be always scolding her. Rashi finds radha packing lunch box for ahem and says radha to keep a love letter for swayam. Radha denies it and says she wants to meet in person now and she doesnt want to write a love letter. After radha leaves rashi decides to put a love letter in the box. 

Madhu scolds urmi for buying onions in high quantity. Few gents come to her house and scolds urmi to give back their chitfund money. Urmi asks dhawal to give some money. But dhawal says he is already in debts so he cant help her. Urmi requests the gents to give her some time. So they leave. Madhu scolds urmi to stop earning money by cheating others. Urmi feels her time isnt good these days as her plans arent getting succeeded.