Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 23 August 2013

Written Update: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2013

At urmi's place, madhu ties rakhi to jithu and he gifts madhu. Urmi feels envious of madhu that she has got a costly gift on rakhi fest. So she thinks of tieing rakhi to madhu's husband and take some gift in return. Urmi acts well and ties rakhi to him. While having sweet her gold coating on her tooth gets. She gets upset that the doctor has cheated her saying its a golden coating which isnt. Madhu's husband gives 100 rupees as gift. Urmi once again gets pissed off. 

At modi bhawan, urmi, madhu's family & kinjal arrive for rakhi fest. Urmi once again acts before modis and asks she wants to tie rakhi to parag & chirag so that she can get gifts frm them. Koki agrees to it. Urmi ties rakhi to both of them. Koki gifts a tulsi plant to urmi. Urmi once again gets pissed off. Kinjal comes to ahem to tie rakhi. The courier boy comes and gives the gold set. Kinjal checks her gift. She finds the gold set and gets shocked. Kinjal yells at modis that she only wants diamond necklace rather than golden necklace. Koki explains kinjal that a diamond necklace cannot be used in useful times. Kinjal gets hyper and scolds koki that she wasnt fulfilling her needs since her childhood. Kinjal yells at koki that no one from her family loves her so she should die. Kinjal leaves from there angrily without taking her mobile phone. Koki stops hetal and ahem to go behind her. All get worried for kinjal. Koki says everyone that kinjal will come back when she gets cooled down. 

Kinjal gets hit with balls by few kids from savitha's house terrace. Kinjal gets much more hyper and rushes inside savitha's house. Kinjal doesnt find anyone there so she rushes to terrace. Kinjal scolds the kids. The kids rush out and lock her in the terrace. Savitha comes out of her room and sends away the other kids. Savitha will be listening to songs on her mobile so she couldnt listen kinjal's voice. Savitha locks her house and leaves with her grand child. 

Koki sends ahem-gopi & jigar-rashi to urmi's house to tie rakhi to dhawal. The couples reach there. Dhawal will be upset and says he wasnt taking their calls as he couldnt fulfill his sister's wish on rakhi. Rashi & gopi gets emotional. Dhawal gifts both the ladies payal and they say that they are very happy to have a brother like him. Dhawal feels happy and promises them that he would buy designer sarees for next year rakhi. Gopi remembers about kinjal and asks dhawal whether she has come here or not. Dhawal says she went to modi bhawan to tie rakhi for her brothers and she dint return home yet.