Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 26 August 2013

Written Update: Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2013

Kinjal thinks of getting out of it anyhow if not koki will not gift her that gold necklace as well. Meeti comes and finds kinjal trying to get down. Meeti thinks kinjal is trying to attempt suicide and rushes in. Meeti tells everyone that kinjal is going to commit suicide. All come out. Koki asks kinjal not to jump and suicide. Kinjal thinks she should use this situation for the diamond necklace. Koki agrees to buy her a diamond necklace. Kinjal tries to get down but slips. Kinjal yells for help. Parag asks meeti to bring few matrisses so that kinjal can fall on them. Ahem & jigar bang on savitha's door and later they find its locked. Koki tries calling her but she doesnt take the call. Savitha comes there and opens the door. All the 3 men rush upstairs. Dhawal tries to grab her but he couldnt. Ahem tries then. Ahem bends downwards and dhawal-jigar will be balancing him. Finally ahem grabs her. Though ahem gets hurt on his hands he finally saves kinjal. Modis come upstairs. Kinjal hugs koki and cries. Koki sweetly scolds kinjal that for a necklace she was trying to die. Kinjal apologizes ahem-jigar. Kinjal finds ahem got hurt on his hand. Kinjal ties her chunni on his hand. Kinjal promises ahem-jigar that she will not be troublesome to them anymore. Ahem asks her whether she would tie rakhi or not. Kinjal agrees to it. All the ladies ties rakhis to their brothers. 

Rashi finds an ad on paper about 80% off on sarees. Rashi finds its a last day of sale and decides to go there. Rashi checks her wardrobe and finds there are many sarees. They take out few of them. Radha comes there. Rashi gives them to radha. Radha feels very happy. 

At urmi's place, urmi will be yelling for coffee. Madhu comes there and wakes her up by keeping urmi's finger in hot coffee. Madhu scolds urmi to wake up soon and get into the household works now. Urmi gets angry and thinks of getting rid of madhu any how. 

At rashi's room, rashi shows her wardrobe empty to jigar and says she gave few of her sarees to radha as she liked them a lot. Jigar appreciates her. Jigar gives money to rashi and asks to buy some sarees for her. At the kitchen, ahem and gopi. Ahem asks gopi about his mobile phone. The couple finds his mobile phone is with mira. Ahem takes his mobile and leaves to office. Mira doesnt allow him to leave but gopi asks mira to let him go. Mira says bye to ahem. At radha's room, gopi comes there. Radha shows gopi that rashi has gave her sarees. Gopi finds that rashi has gave her old sarees to radha. Gopi rushes to rashi and scolds her for giving radha her old sarees. Rashi tries to explain gopi but radha comes there. Radha thanks rashi for giving her sarees. Rashi asks radha to give back her sarees as gopi dint like it. Radha yells gopi that if she doesnt like her then she would go back to her mom's house.