Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2013 Written Update

Jigar and Rashi will be yelling at each other and gopi over hears them. Gopi gets worried and rushes to their room. Gopi stops them and asks to discuss in a lower voice. Rashi scolds gopi not to involve in their matters and leaves angrily. Gopi asks jigar to sort out their problems when their minds are cool. Jigar nods as yes. Radha decides not to allow them to talk to each other in the evening. 

At urmi's place, urmi will be worried that she need lots of money to return to the chitfund people. Urmi finds jayanth's kangan and feels happy. Madhu finds urmi's evil eye on jayanth's jewelry and warns urmi that she wouldnt bear if she makes her or her husband's things missing. 

Radha goes to rashi and asks to make her talk to swayam. Rashi agrees to it. Rashi calls urmi and tells that radha is pressuring her to make her talk to swayam. Rashi says she would save her number as "S" so that radha doesnt gets any doubt. Later in the kitchen, rashi calls urmi and gives it to radha. Radha says urmi that they should meet now. Again radha asks urmi to call after some time and hangs on. Radha takes rashi's mobile and leaves. 

In the evening, Jigar and ahem comes back home. Radha finds jigar coming to his room. Radha keeps rashi's mobile in rashi's room and leaves from there. Jigar comes into his room. Rashi's mobile rings. Its urmi. Jigar wonders why rashi has saved the number with just S letter. He picks up the call. Urmi says in a male voice, "because of the family members we couldnt meet. But I love you a lot." Jigar shocks and cuts the call. Urmi thinks radha might be very happy hearing her (swayam's) voice. 

Later jigar and rashi once argue. Jigar sleeps on sofa in the hall. Gopi wakes him up before koki comes there. But koki doubts that something fishy is going on between jigar and rashi.