Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th September 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Gopi feels bad about the fight between rashi & jigar. Ahem comes back home from jog. Gopi asks ahem about the fight between rashi & jigar but ahem explains gopi that they shouldnt involve in between a couple fight. Ahem throws away the newspaper and walks to washroom. Gopi finds a pamphlet about some new restaurant. Gopi gets an idea of booking a table for rashi-jigar and help them to sort out their issues. Again gopi thinks of taking permission from koki and then book the table.

At rajpal nagar, madhu goes to kitchen and gives prasad to kinjal and asks urmi. Kinjal says that urmi was been out since 2 hours. Madhu gets angry and walks to jithhu's room. Madhu asks jitthu to keep his wife in control. 

At modi bhawan dining table, modis will be having breakfast. Jigar comes there and says everyone that he is leaving to office as he has some work. Koki will be worried about jigar's weird behavior. Rashi will be no where worried. Ahem and gopi look at each other and feel bad. 

At rajpal nagar, urmi returns home. Jitthu asks urmi where did she go. But urmi answers very recklessly that she was out for an important work. Jitthu yells at urmi that she cannot continue this behavior from now on and she should inform him before leaving house. Urmi will be very much surprised with jitthu's behavior. 

At modi bhawan bha's room, hetal, bha, koki and gopi present. Koki says that rashi isnt worried about her husband though he hasnt eaten anything since yesterday night. Gopi asks koki that she wants to send the couple out for lunch to spend some good time with each other for a while. Koki agrees. Gopi goes happily to rashi and says to go to the restaurant at 2 pm for lunch. Radha overhears this and thinks of spoiling gopi's plan. Rashi feels happy but thinks she has no company. Rashi calls urmi and asks to come for lunch but looking at madhu's angry look at her, urmi denies to come. Later rashi gets an idea that she would take radha with her so that she can take care of the babies and she can enjoy her meal. Rashi asks radha to come along with her for lunch. Radha feels very happy and thanks khana ji.