Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th September 2013 Written Update

Misunderstanding between jigar - Rashi:
Radha and rashi with kids come to the restaurant. They find a crowd and radha asks the manager whats the matter. He tells her that its an audition for heroines. Radha asks rashi to participate in it. Rashi and radha go to the auditions. Rashi find the board that only unmarried gals should participate in the competition and tells radha about it. Radha says rashi that she isnt looking like a married woman so she can participate. So rashi leaves the kids with radha and goes to the audition. Radha requests the manager to take care of the kids for a while and she would go to washroom. The manager agrees. Rashi enters the audition and jigar arrives to the restaurant. Jigar meets radha. Radha says every time rashi would go alone inside but this time she went with the kids. Suddenly tholu-molu start crying and Jigar finds tholu-molu with the manager and doubts why they are with him. Rashi as well hears kids crying and rushes to them. Rashi asks the manager about radha and he says she went to washroom. Rashi thanks manager for taking care of kids. Rashi says she is nervous about the audition. So the manager asks rashi to practice with him. Jigar walks near to them. Rashi says her dialog, "If you havent left us then we would have been together. But now see I am living with my stupid husband". Jigar overhears this dialog and gets hurt. The audition guy comes out hearing kids crying and asks rashi whether they are her kids. But the manager says they are his kids. Rashi thanks the manager. Jigar leaves from there. Radha will be very happy with this misunderstanding. Radha again goes back to rashi. Rashi asks radha to stick with the kids till she comes back. Rashi goes for the audition.

Jigar got hurt and feeling cheated:
Jigar will be crying on the way home driving. Later rashi and radha reach home. Radha says rashi that she would go alone inside as gopi might scold her for going with rashi. Radha slowly hides and walks inside the house. Rashi comes home after a while. Gopi finds rashi very happy and thinks the misunderstandings have been sorted out. Gopi asks rashi whether she has enjoyed at the restaurant. Rashi says yes and goes to her room. Gopi asks radha where was she and radha lies that she was sleeping in her room. Later jigar comes home crying. Gopi rushes to his room and insists to tell her why he is crying. Jigar says he was been cheated all this time. Gopi doesnt get what jigar was saying.

Jitthu turns violent upon urmi:
At rajpal nagar, Madhu insists jitthu to get urmi under his control. Jitthu and madhu goes to urmi's room and takes away her mobile. Madhu says urmi that jitthu will be using her cell and he will be managing the money for households from now on wards. Urmi will be surprised.