Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 20 September 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th September 2013 Written Update

Jigar throws his anger on rashi about her affair: 
Jigar remembers all the weird words from rashi and rushes downstairs. Jigar drags rashi to his room. Koki, hetal,bha, gopi, radha and ahem will be watching them. Gopi and ahem apologizes koki and says that the couple were fighting since few days. Koki scolds them and says rashi couldnt handle any situation by her own and thinks of involving in it and know the reason behind their fight. In rashi's room, Rashi asks jigar what she has done for which he is making a fuss. After lots of frustration jigar yells out that she has an affair with someone. Rashi shocks and asks why he is blaming her. Jigar asks about the love letter which has torn off the love letter written with blood. Rashi tries to defend herself but jigar yells to tell her the truth. Koki, hetal, bha and gopi hears their voices and thinks of going to rashi's room and pacify the couple. Here rashi promises on tholu-molu and says she only loves him. 

Urmi-kinjal decide to throw madhu out from their home:
At rajpal nagar, kinjal polutes urmi's mind saying they should plan some thing evil to throw madhu from their home if not she would make their lives miserable. Urmi as well feels the same and decides to throw madhu out. 

Ladies try to pacify jigar:
All of them walk to rashi's room. Koki scolds the couple to pacify the situation in a cool matter. Rashi gets worried and says its just a small misunderstanding. But koki scolds rashi. Jigar supports rashi that it was just a small misunderstanding. All the ladies think of leaving the couple alone to discuss. 

Rashi gets selected in audition:
At modi bhawan, the movie manager calls modi bhawan and radha takes the call. He informs radha that rashi has got selected in the audition. In rashi's room, jigar says he has got convinced and believed her. Jigar asks rashi to tell everything. Radha comes to rashi and calls her out and tells about her selection. Rashi feels happy and thinks of saying it to jigar. But radha stops her and asks her to confirm about the selection. Rashi agrees and call the movie manager. He asks rashi to come for look-test next day afternoon. Rashi agrees. Rashi decides to inform about it to jigar but again radha stops her and warns her that if koki comes to know about it then she wouldnt send her to the test. So rashi thinks of telling jigar about it later. 

Urmi's mobile cut:
At rajpal nagar, rashi calls urmi. But jitthu picks the call. Rashi asks him to let her talk to urmi. While jitthu giving the mobile to urmi madhu comes into their room. Jitthu says it was rashi's call. Madhu takes the mobile and cuts the call.