Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th September 2013 Written Update

Madhu scolding kinjal:
At rajpal nagar, Madhu comes to kinjal's room and finds she hearing songs. Madhu snatches away the earphones and scolds kinjal for not cooking properly. Madhu leaves from there. Kinjal asks urmi to think of some plan to send madhu from their home. But urmi thinks of clearing off rashi's problem and then she would think of others. 

Radha tries finding modis reaction for her mistake:
At modi bhawan, all the ladies in the hall except koki. Hetal appreciates rashi about the annaprasan fest going well because of her. Rashi says she isnt feeling well and wants to take rest. Rashi leaves with tholu-molu. Radha thinks of finding the reaction of modis when they'll know about her mistake. Radha tells the ladies about their situation and asks for further result. Bha says she and her sister might get forgiven. But koki comes there and says the MIL will send away both the sisters from their house. 

Urmi try to make jitthu against madhu:
At rajpal nagar, Urmi tries to pacify jitthu and asks him to explain madhu not to keep all stupid instructions on her. But jitthu says madhu can do anything as she wishes in his house. Madhu overhears the couple's conversation and gets angry. 

Koki worried for jigar:
At modi bhawan, rashi in her room will be worried about her divorce. Urmi calls rashi and asks her to be away with the kids so that jigar can understand her importance. Koki calls radha and asks tells her that she has found out that the main culprit about jigar-rashi's misunderstanding. Koki asks radha to go away from their home. Gopi apologizes koki for radha's mistake. But koki yells to gopi and radha to leave modi bhawan. Koki drags both the sisters out and shuts the door. Radha comes out of her dream and gets worried about the dream. Jigar-ahem returns home. Koki finds jigar is still pissed off. Koki says hetal that jigar is upset because of some reason. 

Gopi doubts about rashi's behavior:
Rashi tries talking to jigar but he scolds rashi. Jigar asks rashi not to take care of her babies and him as well. One of the babies cry so jigar takes the baby in hands and takes their milk bottles and walks out. In the kitchen, jigar will be making milk for the babies and gopi comes there. Gopi asks him about rashi. Jigar says she isnt feeling well. So he came. Gopi pours milk in the bottles and jigar leaves taking them. Gopi thinks rashi isnt well still. After jigar coming to their room, another baby as well cries a lot. Gopi comes there. Jigar asks to pacify one of the babies. Gopi finds rashi checking her cell. Gopi doubts about it. Jigar says gopi that rashi isnt well and the babies might get infected. Gopi leaves. Gopi doubts why rashi is being away from the babies. Gopi will be searching for the thermometer and radha comes there. Radha asks to leave it. But gopi find it and rushes to rashi's room. Their gopi finds out that rashi is well. Gopi asks rashi why she was in her room all the day and asks her to take care of her kids at least. Rashi gets upset and yells at gopi that she doesnt know her situation.