Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 29th October 2013 Written Update

Priya regains her memory. Pihu shocked as priya has remembered about varun's death. Priya-Ram's Love story begins again.

At kapoor mansion, Juhi scolds naina for her odd behavior towards priya. Priya starts crying. Pari says she doesnt wanna live with priya as she has got effected to allergies. Pihu says she feels embarrassed with priya. Ram feels bad. Priya says she should leave from here as her presence is making them miserable. Ram scolds his kids that from the day of priya's accident he was trying to up-bring their kids well as priya had done before but he has failed because their own kids are unable to understand their mother and feeling embarrassed of her. Ram yells at them that he doesnt want to live with them as they arent feeling comfortable with priya. Ram sends priya to take rest for a while so priya leaves. Juhi tries to console ram but ram asks to leave him alone. Juhi as well leaves. 

Later priya in her room, pihu comes there. Priya asks pihu about varun's suicide. Pihu shocks. Pihu asks priya whether she remembers about that incident. Priya says she has recalled everything. Priya asks pihu whether ram knows about this? Pihu says no as she was afraid that her dad might hate her about it. Priya scolds pihu that she has done a sin by not saying the truth to ram. Pihu begs priya not to tell the truth to ram. Priya says she would do whatever she feels is right. Pihu leaves crying.

Priya goes downstairs and finds ram very upset. Priya calls ram and wakes him up. Ram asks priya to rest. But priya says she is fine. Ram says they both shall go away somewhere as their kids are not loving their mother properly. Priya asks, where shall we go? To Jaipur again? Ram wonders and asks how she remembers. Priya says she has recalled everything now. Ram shocks and feels happy. 

At shergill's place, vikram and neha having lunch. Neha doubts that saurav hasnt come to their home from the day riddhima is here. Neha sends a msg to saurav to come for dinner. They get a reply, "you want to have dinner after our fight?". Neha & vikram get upset. Riddhima comes there and finds her mobile in vikram's hand. Riddhima checks the msg and stands speechless.

At kapoor mansion, pihu calls sammy and tells that priya regained her memory and has scolded her for hiding the secret of varun's suicide from ram. Sammy consoles her. Priya says ram that she wants to tell something to him. Again pihu gets a call from ram and asks her to meet him. Ram asks pihu why she has hide that thing from him. Pihu remains speechless.