Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2013 Written Update

At urmi's place, Koki asks rashi to change her clothes into a saree. Gopi gives the saree and rashi changes. Madhu apologizes koki in behalf of rashi. Hetal finds dal in fridge so koki says they would prepare dal ki parathas. The ladies prepare parathas. Urmi says she has no money to feed the modi family. So koki says she would buy the groceries. But jitthu stops her and says they are their spl guests so they need not pay any pie. Urmi gets pissed off at jitthu's promise. Jitthu goes to bring the things needed. Ahem & chirag leave to office. Koki says she would prepare the list of things but urmi taunts koki that to maintain a household they need to have intelligence. Urmi gets hyper and gives the keys of her home and asks koki to maintain her house with the money they have in urmi's place. Koki accepts the challenge. Koki says she would use only their (urmi's money) and she would save a few as well. Urmi gets worried and again says when she is giving her household keys to koki then koki should give her modi house keys to her. All shock but koki gives the keys without any hesitation. 

Later, gopi says rashi that all modis are trying hard to convince her. But rashi denies. Kinjal says gopi that she isnt realizing how hard modis are facing problems for her. Before rashi replies gopi stops her. Kinjal leaves from there. 

Later, hetal & koki in kitchen; hetal asks koki why did she give keys of modi bhawan to urmi. Koki replies that jigar is at home and he will never allow her in so they need not worry. Hetal feels happy. Hetal finds only few veggies so koki asks to mix up all the veggies and prepare some thing. Radha comes there and without seeing koki asks water but denies after seeing radha's face. madhu finds this and feels bad. 

Urmi finds modis busy in their works and thinks of spoiling their plans. Urmi disconnects the power connection. Gopi asks hetal-koki to take rest and she would prepare food. But koki asks gopi to take care of kids. Gopi soaks few blankets and hangs on the windows. All feel happy that cool air will be blown inside the house. Parag will be uncomfortable in the house. Bha says he should adjust to the situation. Rashi comes there and says she dont want to come modi bhawan and she cant see them troubling for her.

Urmi thinks if koki finds out that she has dc the power then she would kill her. So she again switches on the power. Urmi determines to do something with intelligence. Koki-hetal finishes preparing food and thinks of freshen up. After they leave, urmi comes into the kitchen and changes the dal into a vessel which has loose handle. Later, while serving food, radha brings the dal and drops the vessel. Koki looks on angrily at radha.