Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 25 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th October 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Koki yells at urmi that she is the one who is spoiling rashi's mind till now and now as she is talking about alimony and divorce koki says she isnt supporting rashi now. Urmi says she wants her daughter get divorced as soon as possible and get the alimony. Urmi leaves. Koki & jigar decides to let rashi stay back in rajpal nagar itself. Hetal gets worried. 

At rajpal nagar, molu will be crying so radha goes to rashi to help her. Radha says molu not to cry and says his father will come and them back to modi bhawan. Rashi gets pissed off and says she isnt thinking of going back MB again. Radha leaves.

At MB, ahem will be ready to office and gopi brings his tiffin box. The couple decides to pacify the situation between rashi-jigar anyhow. Mira comes there and asks ahem to bring chocolates for her. Ahem says no and asks her to be good. Jigar comes there and finds ahem talking to mira and gets upset. Gopi feels bad for jigar. 

At RN, radha will be in the warenda and umang comes there. Madhu sends her down to bring water. Umang meets her and says e has come to check whether she is fine or not. Madhu sends kinjal downstairs to find radha. Kinjal comes out and finds radha talking to some guy and comes downstairs. Umang finds urmi coming and turns away. Urmi scolds radha and takes her in. Kinjal as well comes downstairs but urmi scolds her and asks to come home. Kinjal asks radha with whom she was talking but radha denies that she wasnt talking to anyone. Kinjal gets worried. 

At MB, in kitchen, koki, meeti and gopi there. Meeti breaks a bottle. But koki yells rashi why did u break the bottle. But realizes that its meeti and asks to clean it. Gopi feels bad that even koki is missing rashi.

At RN, rashi asks urmi to get more milk as 2Litres will be used for her kids only. So urmi keeps milk aside for tholu-molu and fills water in the remaining. Later Kinjal finds water in the milk and thinks rashi has mixed them. Rashi-kinjal argue about this. 

At MB, koki finds rashi's chair is missing in the dinning table. Gopi says she has removed it as rashi isnt living there. All feel bad. Ahem and gopi find jigar in the garden area and thinks of consoling him but they find light in jigar's room and walks there. There they find hetal feeling bad for tholu-molu. Ahem-gopi decide to plan hard and convince koki to bring back rashi home.