Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 14 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th October 2013 Written Update

Urmi finds ahem-gopi discussing about how they should unite jigar-rashi. So urmi thinks of spoiling their plans. Koki finds urmi looking at ahem-gopi suspiciously and doubts that the misunderstanding between ahem-gopi might be because of urmi and determines to keep an eye on urmi. The duplicates of Amitab and Salman arrive at rajpal nagar. The foolish urmi-rashi-radha will be very excited and rushes to have a look at them. Hetal comes to gopi and gives molu and asks to change the diaper. Ahem-gopi thinks of making a situation for jigar-rashi to talk for a while by sending jigar-rashi into dhawal's shop and lock. Urmi overhears this and goes upstairs. Urmi keeps few chits in rashi's bag and feels happy that gopi's plan will be a flop. Urmi comes downstairs and goes to the actors. Gopi goes to rashi and asks to change the diaper of molu as she has to feed milk to mira as well. Rashi goes to dhawal's shop. Ahem sends jigar to dhawal's shop saying molu is crying loud and rashi is busy in dancing with the actors. Jigar angrily rushes for his kid. Their he finds rashi and molu. Ahem locks the door and leaves. Jigar-rashi have a discussion angrily. While taking out the diapers from the bag the slips fall on the ground. Jigar finds that the slips are about "how to get alimony from their husbands". Jigar shows the slips to rashi and scolds her that she has planned to get a huge amount from him. Rashi tries to defend herself that she doesnt know about it. But jigar doesnt believe her. Both start banging the door and a person who was passing by hears the sound and opens the door. Urmi will be dancing with the duplicate amitabh and the chawl ladies will be laughing at her. Urmi realizes that she was made fun and hits them. The chawl ladies say urmi that they are duplicates. Urmi feels insulted and leaves.