Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 10th October 2013 Written Update

Pihu comes back to Mumbai. Khush and ram asks why is she back so soon. Pihu says ram that he isnt being fair to juhi. Ram assures pihu that juhi is getting married and she would get back her daughter. Later krishna and dadi will be speaking about the plants listening to them. There comes suhani. Dadi calls her near and asks whether plants can hear them. Suhani says yes. Ram comes there and asks for what she has come. Suhani gives a file and few love letters. Ram says thanks for bringing them back. Suhani says she has found them in priya's room in the hospital and brought them. Suhani appreciates ram for loving priya so much and its cute writing love letters to his wife still. Ram blushes. Ram asks sunhani to meet her patient. Suhani walks towards priya's room. Pihu comes downstairs and both the ladies meet. Ram says pihu that she was an apprentice who has taken care of priya for 2 years and left for some training and now she has come back. Pihu-suhani greet each other and leave. Later in ram's room, ram recalls all the sweet moments with priya and gets upset.

Ram-juhi-sid with lawyer, ram asks the lawyer to finish up the document work of juhi-sid's marriage. Rajiv comes there with his lawyer. Rajiv thanks juhi to help him indirectly for getting naina's custody. Juhi wonders. Rajiv says juhi that she is getting married to a criminal who has been in jail for years. Juhi wonders. Ram-sid remain calm. Ram's lawyer comes there and says rajiv have won the case. Juhi gets upset and rajiv leaves. Juhi asks ram about sid. Juhi scolds ram that because of him she has lost naina. Ram thinks for a while and says he would divorce priya and shall get married to her. Ram asks his lawyer for his divorce papers to get prepared. Sudhir comes there and says he would support him. Ram thanks sudhir. Later ram will be very upset to sign on divorce papers. 

Ram goes to priya and apologizes. Ram says he is doing this only for naina. Ram takes priya's thumb impression and gets upset. He recalls all his sweet moments with priya and feels bad. Ram says his lawyer that his divorce is ready so he can get married to juhi next month. Krishna says the wedding will go on dashami. Pihu says the wedding should be done grandly. All will be worried about ram.