Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th October 2013 Written Update

At pandal, jigar will be playing dandiya with a gal and rashi requests some guy to play dandiya with her. Both jigar-rashi will be glaring at eachother angrily and will be playing dandiya with their partners. Ahem-gopi finds this and feels worried. Ahem switches off the lights and meanwhile gopi pushes rashi towards jigar. So now this couple start playing. All the other couples will be removed from the competition except ahem-gopi & jigar-rashi. Gopi acts as if she is hurt when ahem gives a sign. Koki finds this but remains calm. Koki wonders why gopi is behaving so. Jigar-rashi win. They will be gifted a couple rings which both exchange. Urmi will be pissed off. Jigar sends a text message to someone. Urmi-ahem-gopi meet aside. Urmi thanks ahem-gopi to help jigar-rashi to win. Urmi again says jigar was throwing all his temper on rashi for simple lies. Jigar overhears urmi saying that finally jigar has quit his divorce plan. Jigar rushes to urmi and confirms that he hasnt quit to divorce rashi. Ahem-gopi-urmi shock.

At modi bhawan, gopi-ahem in their room. Gopi will be worried for jigar-rashi. Here in jigar's room, rashi says she cant sleep beside him. So jigar asks rashi to sleep on sofa then. Rashi angrily goes and lies on sofa. She feels uncomfortable and leaves from there. She takes her pillow and blanket and walks to ahem's room. Rashi asks ahem to sleep in jigar's room as she is very uncomfortable to sleep with him. Koki who is worried about ahem-gopi's relation comes to ahem's room. Koki asks rashi what is she doing in ahem's room in this late night. Rashi says she has come to say goodnight to ahem-gopi. Koki asks to leave if she has done. Koki finds rashi's pillow and blanket and feels doubted. Rashi and koki leaves. Gopi-ahem wonders why koki has come in this late night and why she has left without saying anything. 

Rashi-gopi asks permission to koki about going for dandiya in rajpal nagar. Koki thinks gopi is trying hard to be away from ahem so she planned this and determines that she wouldnt let it happen.