Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 9th October 2013 Written Update

In goa, Pihu and sammy will be talking. Sammy finds hair clips and says priya used to keep them when pihu was little. Pihu doesnt show any interest in talking about priya. Sammy asks why she will be ignoring to talk about priya. Pihu admits that she is guilty about priya's present situation because that day they have come to know about varun's suicide and at the same time they met with an accident. Pihu feels bad that she used to love her mom a lot when she was 6 years but later on priya dint understand her properly so their relation got damaged. Now priya is in her last days and ram isnt getting married to juhi who has taken care of them so well till now. 

At sharma's house, raunaq will be ignoring all the things which shipra-sudhir-nats were giving him. So nats gets hyper and scolds raunaq why is he behaving so weird in his own grandparents house. So raunaq asks shipra to prepare aloo puri and sudhir to give laptop to play games. Sharmas feel happy.

Shipra with priya, shipra says that nats has got matured a lot and has brought raunaq to their home, took care of pihu's life and handled all the situation very matured way and everything is going well. Shipra cries urging priya to wake up soon. 

Pihu calls juhi from goa and enquires about wedding preparations. Juhi says pihu that their wedding isnt happening and asks pihu to come back to Mumbai then she would talk about it. 

Neha comes to juhi to console her. Juhi says she wouldnt allow ram to give divorce to priya and she would allow him to love priya more. Juhi cries and says ram loves priya and she is mad for him. Neha says ram is so lucky that he has got 2 ladies in his life who loves him to core. 

Pihu goes to sammy who will be with some other gal. Pihu says sammy that she should leave to Mumbai right now. Both go to airport and they find that all flights are full. Sammy finds some gal and tries flirting her. The gal recognizes him and says they know eachother before and tells her name as suhani. Suhani finds pihu worried and asks whats the matter. Pihu says she should leave to mumbai so suhani gives her ticket and asks to leave and she would go next day. Pihu feels very happy.