Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th October 2013 Written Update

Modis get ready to go to pandal. Koki finds gopi missing and asks for her to ahem. Ahem replies that she is packing mira's things to take to pandal. Koki finds suspicious. Parag will be very excited to go to pandal and dance dandiya so he hurries up everyone. So ahem says everyone to leave and says he would come along with gopi. So everyone leave to pandal. Later, Gopi-ahem-mira will be in car going towards pandal. Ahem feels bad that jigar isnt interested in coming to pandal. So gopi says she would go to rajpal nagar to stay with urmi and send rashi to pandal. Ahem agrees to it and feels bad that gopi will be not there with him. Again ahem says he would accompanied by his daughter mira. 

At urmi's place, madhu taunts urmi that she was fine whole day and at the time of leaving to dandiya pandal she has fallen sick. Madhu warns urmi not to go near the babies. Madhu-jayanth-jitthu-kinjal-dhawal leave. Later gopi arrive rajpal nagar. Rashi wonders why gopi is here. Gopi says she has come to check urmi once as she is ill. Gopi goes to urmi and says she will be with her and she would send rashi to pandal. Gopi says rashi that there are much more competitions in the pandal this time like best dress, best smile etc. Rashi gets excited and agrees. 

Ahem reaches pandal and says koki that gopi has got down in rajpal nagar. Koki gets hyper and calls gopi. Koki scolds gopi for going to rajpal nagar without her permission. Koki warns gopi to come to pandal along with rashi as soon as possible. Koki talks to urmi as well and taunts why she has fallen sick all of sudden. So urmi says she would come to pandal along with gopi-rashi. 

At pandal, savitha will be taunting koki that her DIL's are afraid of the competition and hasnt come yet. Koki re-taunts savitha that why she will be very anxious to lose from modis every year. Gopi-savitha-rashi and kids arrive pandal. Urmi decides to keep jigar-rashi away. Urmi finds a gal standing alone and walks to her. Urmi shows jigar to that gal and asks her son is all alone and has no one to play dandiya with him. Urmi convinces that gal to play dandiya with jigar. The gal goes to jigar and asks to play dandiya with her. Jigar agrees and they both start playing. Rashi will be looking on angrily at jigar.