Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd October 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Gopi tries to explain koki that they both tried to pacify the misunderstanding between rashi-jigar. Ahem defends gopi and says koki that he has stopped gopi to tell the truth to her. Koki says she cant help in office matters but she can help in family matters. Hetal, chirag and bha supports ahem-gopi that they tried to deal the situation with their love for them. Gopi cries that she couldnt keep her family one. Bha apologizes dada ji that their gruha laxmi has left their house. Koki consoles bha and says that rashi would come back any how. Hetal says gopi that she couldnt find the solution with radha's mistake. All wonder how radha is involved in this mistake. Gopi says the misunderstandings between rashi-jigar is all because of radha. Radha has sent a letter to jigar which has created the doubts in jigar's mind against rashi. Gopi says radha herself has told all the mistakes she has done. Modis shock. 

Koki gets hyper. Koki says radha that she has allowed her to live in modi bhawan to learn the living from her sister. But she has spoiled the chance. Koki yells at radha to leave the house immediately. Koki drags radha but she yells at koki, "Stop it. What are you thinking about yourself? You will be ordering on everyone all time. But I never asked you to teach me something. Everyone are blaming me but anyone has asked what rashi has done to me". Gopi slaps radha. Gopi scolds radha for yelling at koki. Gopi drags away radha and says she cant live with them anymore. Gopi breaks all her relation with radha and closes the main door. 

Ahem consoles koki and says they should think how to keep their family one again. Koki says their love is strong and no one cannot break their family but radha has made her feel wrong. But she would never step back and she would bring rashi back again. Gopi cries and apologizes koki for radha's mistake. Koki consoles gopi saying that they both have tried to solve the issue and its very brave. Koki says everyone in our family believes that goopi cannot do any sort of mistake. Now we all should work hard and keep our family as one. Koki asks ahem-gopi to promise that they would never allow her family to break into pieces. The couple promises. 

At urmi's place, madhu scolds rashi for coming back to her mother's place. But rashi reminds madhu that she is also living in her mother's place only. Madhu shocks. Rashi leaves. Urmi feels happy. Jitthu apologizes madhu. Madhu says they should resolve their problem as soon as possible. But urmi says she would think to send rashi back only when modis come and apologize them 10 times. Radha comes there crying and says madhu that she would never go back to modi bhawan. 

Jigar says hetal-chirag that he has talked to their lawyer and he is very confident that their kid's custody would be his any how.