Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Saath nibhana Saathiya 24th October 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, hetal says jigar that radha has agreed that she has done all the mistake. So rashi has done no mistake. But jigar denies to bring rashi home. Though koki scolds jigar he doesnt agrees. Koki consoles hetal and says they would personally go to rajpal nagar and bring rashi back. 

Madhu calls gopi and asks why radha has come back to rajpal nagar. Gopi says radha is the main culprit who has developed all the misunderstandings between rashi-jigar and she has misbehaved with koki. Madhu shocks. Urmi comes there so madhu dc the call. Urmi asks madhu what did gopi say about radha coming back. Madhu says radha was missing her parents so she has come here. 

At modi bhawan, hetal & chirag tries to explain jigar that if he gets separated from rashi then he should depart from his kids as well. But jigar says he has already talked to his lawyer about tholu-molu's custody. 

At rajpal nagar, rashi will be feeling bad about gopi's behavior. Madhu will be searching for radha and asks kinjal to find her in the chawl. Umang comes there and consoles radha. Umang says she should apologize modi family. Umang leaves from there before kinjal comes there. Kinjal finds radha and asks to come inside. 

At modi bhawan, koki & hetal asks jigar to come along with them to rajpal nagar but jigar denies. Koki scolds jigar for misbehaving with the elders.

At rajpal nagar, rashi complaints urmi that her old dresses are tight, to bring branded oil for massaging her kids etc. Kinjal & madhu taunts rashi that she should get habituated to chawl life again. 

At modi bhawan, bha feels bad about rashi & her babies. Hetal, koki & gopi will be planning to rush to rajpal nagar but urmi comes to modi bhawan. Urmi starts taunting koki that they are not worried about their DIL and her kids. Hetal tries to console urmi but urmi denies to listen to her. Urmi again says that she would take care of her daughter and kids very well in the chawl too. Koki yells at urmi that she is yelling at them unnecessarily and they were thinking that she has come to keep up the relation but she is against it. Urmi yells at koki that rashi will not be back to modi bhawan and she would divorce jigar and get the alimony from jigar.