Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th October 2013 Written Update

At urmi's place, koki says she would prepare another recipe. So hetal and koki plan to prepare pulao for all. Rashi will be pissed off due to mosquitoes. Kinjal comes there and scolds her for keeping the windows open. Rashi walks into the hall. madhu says it will be late to bring mosquito coils from the market so koki thinks of burning neem leaves on coal. Rashi denies to have that smoke in her room though koki requests her. Ahem, chirag and dhawal comes back home. Gopi feels bad looking at ahem feeling uncomfortable in the house. 

At modi bhawan, meeti says jigar that she is missing everyone so asks to get convinced. Jigar yells at her saying to leave the house with them. Later jigar will be uncomfortable to sleep and remains thinking. 

At urmi's place, koki keeps her feet in water and waits for feet to be fine from swollen. Hetal will be worried for koki. Urmi comes there and taunts that though they are suffering rashi will not be back to modi bhawan. In kinjal's room, rashi-radha-kinjal will be arguing to get adjusted for the beds. While arguing rashi and mira gets bitten by the mosquitoes. Gopi comes there and takes away kinjal & mira. Gopi asks kinjal to sleep with them on floor. But kinjal walks off to her room and sleeps on bed. 

Later, tholu-molu will be keep on crying. Everyone will be working hard to pacify them. Rashi says, if jigar ji was here he would have made the kids calm down in a minute". Everyone feel happy except urmi. Here jigar will be missing the kids. So he thinks of talking to his kids. He calls gopi and hears the kids crying. He gets worried for them. Jigar thinks rashi isnt taking care of kids well.

Dhawal spreads the smoke outside and asks ahem to sleep. Next day, at 6 Am urmi wakes up and finds everyone sleeping. Urmi thinks modis should suffer with no water. And sleeps again. At 7 Am ahem & dhawal wakes up. Madhu wakes up urmi and scolds for not filling water in the morning. Jitthu asks them not to argue in front of their guests. Gopi says there's only some water in home. Dhawal asks ahem to take bath in their neighbors place. Gopi prepares poha.