Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st October 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, jigar wakes up and misses his kids & wife. Meeti brings newspaper and he finds dengu fever in rajpal nagar and gets worried. 

At rajpal nagar, all will be having breakfast. Rashi feels tired. Koki asks rashi to have some food. Koki switches on the fan. Urmi remembers that the electrician has warned not to switch on the fan as its a very old one and might fall any moment. Urmi feels happy that it should fall on koki and she should learn a lesson. Gopi prays khana ji to keep her family from every obstacle. The fan drops down but a bit away from koki's head. Ahem and others shock. Ahem switches off the fan. Bha and gopi thank god for saving koki. Urmi gets upset. Ahem calls the electrician to jitthu's house. Gopi comes to ahem and says she is worried for koki and others as everyone are suffering a lot for rashi. 

At modi bhawan, jigar will be going out to office, savitha and other lady meets him outside and says they have heard about his divorce. Savitha starts bad mouthing rashi and taunts about koki. Jigar gets angry but gets into car calmly. Gopi calls jigar but he dc it. 

At rajpal nagar, rashi will be lying beside the crying babies. Kinjal hears the babies crying and scolds rashi to take care of babies. Koki comes there and asks kinjal to help rashi in feeding the babies. Kinjal denies to do it. Koki scolds. Kinjal taunts koki that she isnt feeling bad about rashi living in her mother's place. Kinjal yells at koki for living in her house and ordering her about all the works. Kinjal leaves. Koki and hetal will be worried about washing clothes. So koki says they would soak important clothes now and next day they would wash clothes. Urmi thinks of troubling koki. Koki takes clothes and goes to common tap in the colony. Urmi also follows koki and finds koki soaking white clothes in 1 bucket and other colored dresses in another. Urmi mixes up her white saree in colored dresses quietly when koki isnt watching. Later urmi complaints koki to remove the colored stains from her saree.