Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2013 Written Update

Rashi apologizes with everyone to forgive her. Koki harshly says rashi to stop apologizing everyone and lets go to modi bhawan now. Rashi and others feel happy about it. Rashi taunts kinjal that she has so many people who love her a lot. Kinjal remains calm. Urmi will be surprised about rashi leaving now. Koki taunts urmi that they have missed a bead in their family garland and they have come to collect it again. Koki says urmi that a family is stronger with love & affection but not with money. Modis leave and urmi remains shocked. Koki asks urmi to return back her modi bhawan's keys. Urmi gives back unhappily. Koki leaves proudly from there. 

At modi bhawan, modis does pooja happily together. Koki-hetal-bha will be preparing food items at home happily for diwali. Modi ladies will be happy for preparing them together. At rajpal nagar, kinjal & urmi will be working in the kitchen muttering bad mouthing madhu. Madhu comes there and gifts Ramayan & Bhagavath to the ladies. But kinjal & urmi will be dissatisfied with the gifts. 

Madhu will be scolding urmi-kinjal for not making the prasad fastly. Gopi calls madhu and wishes her about diwali. Mira asks ahem to gift a gun for diwali. But koki says no to it. Mira while talking to madhu on phone again asks for a gun for diwali. Koki welcomes madhu and her family to modi bhawan. Koki says madhu that there is a match for radha. Madhu thanks koki and says she would talk about the match in the evening. Later madhu asks radha to get ready to go to modi bhawan and radha denies as she was been insulted there. Umang will be calling radha while talking to madhu and she will be dc the call. 

Rashi calls urmi and asks whether she isnt worried about her daughter. Urmi scolds rashi for leaving from there without taking an apology from jigar. At ahem's room, ahem asks gopi to take out his kurta from wardrobe. Gopi finds a new saree in the cupboard and thinks of making fun of him. She acts innocent that she hasnt seen it. So finally ahem gives it to her.