Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2013 Written Update

At Modi bhawan, Jigar gifts a necklace set to rashi as diwali gift. Rashi feels very happy.

At Urmi's place, everyone get ready to go to modi bhawan for diwali. Urmi-madhu-kinjal-radha go by cab. Dhawal-jitthu-jayanth go by auto. Madhu stops the cab at a market and says she would go and buy few gifts for kids. Urmi-kinjal remains in cab. Madhu takes radha along with her. Umang follows them in to the market. Madhu buys a gun for mira which she has asked for. Radha keeps the gun in her bag. While madhu taking gifts umang takes away radha and asks why isnt she taking his calls. Radha says her parents are planning to do her marriage so she cant talk to him any more. Umang gets worried. Umang takes out a pistol and says radha that he would kill himself rather than living without her. Radha finally confesses that she too is in love with him and promises him that she wants marry him. Umang hugs her. While hugging umang's pistol drops into radha's bag. Urmi sends kinjal to bring back madhu-radha soon if not there will be double charges for the cab. So kinjal goes into the market. Kinjal finds madhu and asks for radha. Madhu says she is somewhere near. So kinjal starts searching for her. Umang finds kinjal coming and pushes radha and runs away. Radha takes her bag and leaves. The real gun remains in the bag and the toy gun will be dropped on ground. Kinjal finds radha and all get into cab and head towards modi bhawan. 

At modi bhawan, Madhu gives the gun to mira. All does aarthi while mira will be playing with the gun. Later, koki-madhu will be discussing about the alliance for radha. Radha and mira shoots towards gopi while playing. Ahem doubts about the gun and pushes away radha so the bullet passes from gopi. No one is hurt. Modis wonder how a real gun has come into their house. Ahem scolds radha for shooting it. Madhu defends radha that she is innocent. Koki asks ahem to call the police and give it to them. Radha remembers that the gun is umang's and remains silent.