Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 11 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th November 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, the alliance comes there to see radha. While getting ready radha thinks of spoiling the match from the groom itself. Gopi comes there to take radha, radha asks to give a necklace. While gopi bringing the necklace, radha takes a black sketch and hides behind her pallu. Radha says she wants to go to washroom and walks in. There she keeps the black sketch on her teeth and calmly comes out. 

In the hall, koki asks radha to speak to suresh (groom) in personal. While talking the groom finds the black teeth and gets scared. Here in kitchen, gopi and madhu will be serving food in plates. Madhu says gopi that she is happy that the groom is so good and may be this match will be done for radha. But gopi will be confused about radha's opposing behavior towards the alliance. Radha starts acting as if she is suffering with breathing problem. Radha after a while says she is fine now and asks the groom not to say the family about it. The groom leaves and says his parents that he has some meeting. So they all leave. Rashi asks radha about the groom. Radha leaves from there without answering anything. After a while the groom's mom calls koki and complaints that radha is mad and has some breathing problem. Koki defends radha but the lady says radha herself has told it to the groom. After dc the call, koki asks gopi to call radha and let them clear it from her.

Radha washes her teeth. Gopi comes there and finds radha's black teeth and mobile phone. Gopi gets worried and asks radha that she only has told the groom all the lies. Gopi drags radha to hall and shows the mobile phone and sketch pen to everyone. Gopi says that the groom's mother was right. Everyone insists radha to say the truth. Finally radha yells at everyone that she has lied to the groom because she isnt interested to marry him and she likes someone else. Everyone get shocked. Rashi gets worried that radha is saying about swayam. Urmi scolds radha. Radha says that the person loves her and she too loves him. Madhu and jayanth get worried. Koki asks radha to call the person right now and asks him to come there. After a while, umang comes to modi bhawan. Everyone get shocked. Koki and kinjal recalls all the weird situations with him. Ahem walks to umang and slaps him. Ahem slaps again and scolds why is he involving in his family matters. Koki declares radha that she cant marry umang.