Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd October 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, jigar comes to his room and radha will be playing with kids. Radha gets scared of jigar and rushes out. Jigar wonders why radha was behaving so. 

At urmi's place, jitthu, madhu and jayanth will be having breakfast. Urmi finds her mobile in jitthu's pocket and pours daal on jayanth's hand. Madhu scolds urmi to be careful. 

At modi bhawan, ahem comes to kitchen and asks gopi what is she doing. Gopi says she is preparing watermelon juice for mira. Ahem find a seed on her cheek and takes it out. Koki passes by and finds ahem's hand near to gopi's face and thinks ahem is slapping her. Koki scolds ahem to dare to hit gopi. Koki says she still doubts them though they say its fine. Koki warns ahem to be good with gopi. After koki leaves, ahem gets hyper that bcoz of rashi-jigar they are struggling. 

In rashi's room, jigar finds rashi switching on the AC and getting ready to sleep. He switches its off. Rashi again goes to switch on. Jigar comes there and switches off. Rashi yells at jigar that she cant sleep without AC. Jigar taunts rashi that in her chawl she doesnt have AC and not even private washrooms. So she need to act smart before him. Rashi looks on shocked, jigar walks to bed and sleeps. Rashi gets hurt and walks outside. Rashi calls urmi and says she wants to have divorce from jigar as he has insulted her saying she is poor. Urmi gets angry and determines that she would teach jigar a lesson. 

In gopi's room, Gopi and ahem decides to plan some thing soon to pacify rashi-jigar. Urmi will be hiding in her room and comes out. Urmi says she has come to help them to pacify the couple. Urmi says ahem-gopi to let the couple get separated when they are wishing to be. Ahem-gopi looks on shocked. Urmi again says, when couple will be separate then love will blossom again. Ahem and gopi agrees. Urmi thinks with this plan she can teach jigar a lesson. Gopi and ahem leave to do navrathri pooja preparations. 

Near mandir, radha will be scared of rashi and steps back. Rashi and jigar finds this and wonders. Ahem and gopi come to mandir. Urmi comes out of the house and leaves thinking if koki finds her then she would kill her. Modis do the pooja. Koki asks rashi and gopi to prepare breakfast and they will be going to mandir. All the elders leave. Ahem stops rashi and jigar and says the couple to be separate. Jigar agrees to it and says he would take the babies and leave. But rashi disagrees to it. Both have some argument. Radha finds this fight and says rashi-jigar to take care of one baby each. Rashi-jigar agrees and leaves. Ahem scolds radha for talking in the middle. Ahem asks gopi to bad mouth jigar in front of rashi. Gopi goes to rashi and agrees to her when she was bad mouthing jigar.