Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 4 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th October 2013 Written Update

At modi's office, Ahem supports jigar and says he should take divorce from rashi. 

At urmi's place, urmi will be worried and will be hurry to leave to modi bhawan. Madhu asks urmi to be calm and they all should go together to modi bhawan. Dhawal comes home so kinjal asks him to get ready.

At modi bhawan, ahem comes to their room where gopi will be checking her finger as her engagement ring is cutting her finger. Ahem gets worried and asks her to take off the ring. Koki finds ahem forcing gopi to remove her ring. When koki about to go inside and scold ahem, hetal comes there and asks koki to check the pooja thali and mandir once. So both the ladies leave. In ahem's room, ahem thinks of a plan and says gopi that they should ask rashi-jigar as well to remove their engagement rings. Koki will be worried about ahem-gopi. Hetal pacifies koki and asks her to believe in maa ambe to get all their problems to sort out.

Urmi and her family comes to modi bhawan. Modis invite them in. Urmi asks for gopi so koki wonders why is she is asking for her and taunts urmi. Rashi-jigar and ahem-gopi come downstairs with their babies. Ahem praises gopi slowly that she is looking beautiful. Rashi-jigar hears this and feels bad. Bha starts the pooja. Rashi-jigar will be looking angrily at each other. Jayanth asks koki to have fun by doing garba. Madhu asks koki that they should enjoy garba at their home itself. All ladies will be dancing garba. Gopi asks rashi to dance but rashi denies. Gopi explains rashi to come and dance for ambe maa not for jigar. Rashi agrees and dances. Ahem insists jigar as well to dance. Koki and hetal goes to kitchen. Jigar thinks of calling his client and goes to his room. Rashi keeps molu on sofa and goes to her room. Jigar keeps tholu in jhula and takes a file. Jigar gets a call and leaves from there without tholu. 

Madhu asks radha to take care of gopi as she takes care of her. 

Rashi comes to her room and finds tholu crying. So she picks him up. 

Urmi asks gopi whether there are any better results between jigar-rashi. Gopi says she doesnt know about the result. Jigar comes in to the hall and finds molu on sofa and takes him. Jigar and rashi meet and have argument that each other are irresponsible. Ahem-gopi-urmi finds their argument and says urmi's plan is working that they love their kids alot and this can bring them near. 

In ahem's room, ahem asks gopi to make them separate from their room as well. So ahem asks gopi to bring rashi to their room and sleep and he would sleep with jigar. Ahem-gopi goes to jigar's room and says about their plan. The couple agrees. 

At urmi's place, madhu orders kinjal-urmi to prepare prasad in 2 hours. If they doesnt prepare prasad in 2 hours then she wouldnt allow them to play garba in the evening. 

At modi bhawan, koki and gopi meet at mandir and asks about ahem. Gopi says he is still sleeping. Koki says ahem doesnt quits his exercise. Koki says she would go and wake up ahem. After koki leaves, gopi remembers that ahem is in jigar's room. Gopi also rushes to their room but koki finds rashi sleeping in gopi's room. Koki yells and wakes up rashi.