Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 7 October 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Koki yells and rashi wakes up. Koki leaves from there and walks to jigar's room. Rashi follows her taking molu. Koki again yells at ahem and both jigar-ahem wakes up. All modis rush to jigar's room. Koki yells at ahem why he isnt sleeping in his room. Jigar defends ahem saying that he only has asked him to sleep in his room. Koki yells why he has asked ahem to sleep. Now rashi defends jigar saying that molu was crying a lot and it was disturbing jigar so she took him to gopi's room for help and ahem has come to their room to sleep. Koki still doubts but leaves from there. All leave.

At gopi's room, gopi will be worried that they have balanced the situation any how but still koki has her doubts about their relation. Ahem says gopi not to worry and everything will be fine. Again ahem says that rashi was defending jigar from koki so their is still love between the couple so they need not worry. 

At urmi's place, Kinjal and urmi gets frustrated with madhu's commands so they both decide to get rid off her. Urmi gets a wonderful idea that they should prove that madhu isnt well still so she can be sent to mental hospital again. Kinjal will be happy.

At modi bhawan, gopi will be ignoring radha so she will be upset. Radha goes to kitchen and rashi as well comes there. Radha steps backwards away from rashi and spills the kheer which falls on koki who has come into the kitchen. Koki yells at radha and asks her to prepare the kheer by herself again. 

Koki with hetal in hall, koki will be upset about ahem-gopi's relation. Hetal consoles koki and says devi maa would definitely help them to resolve their family problem.

In ahem-gopi's room, ahem explains gopi to convince rashi and make her remove her engagement ring then their feelings will be open. Gopi gets convinced. Gopi goes to rashi & ahem goes to jigar. Both convince the couple and make them remove their engagement rings. 

Ahem comes to kitchen and shows a thumbs up for their plan success. Ahem asks gopi not to do any work and he would make tea for him himself. Koki comes there and finds ahem preparing tea. She gets hyper and scolds gopi that she used to very proud of her but now she is depressing her. Koki scolds ahem to be careful as she is observing them till their problem gets resolved.