Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2013 Written Update

At rajpal nagar, late night radha calls umang and says she loves him so much and she would do anything for him. Next day morning, madhu wakes up and finds a letter on the table and yells for jayanth. Everyone come to her room. Jayanth reads the letter written by radha that she is eloping with umang. Urmi taunts madhu that she was lecturing her daughter but couldnt control her own daughter. Madhu starts crying. Jitthu asks urmi to stop taunting madhu. Jitthu and kinjal tries to console madhu. Jayanth says jitthu to call police. But kinjal and madhu denies it. Kinjal says they should take help from ahem. Kinjal calls ahem and tells radha has eloped with umang. Ahem shocks. Ahem says everyone about radha's elope. Everyone get shocked. 

At umang's place, radha comes there. Umang wonders looking at radha. Radha says she has left her house for him. Umang remains shocked. At modi bhawan, ahem says they should file complaint for radha. Madhu denies but koki explains madhu to agree. Ahem & jigar will be leaving to police station, umang comes there with radha. Everyone will be shocked looking them holding hands. Madhu walks to radha and scolds her. Umang says he has come to drop radha to them. He says that radha has come to his home and wants to marry him. Umang gives radha's hand into gopi's and says he doesnt want to lose their belief again. Umang again says he would marry radha only with everyone's acceptance. Radha says though anyone believe him or not she believes him. Umang explains radha that its a sin to elope. Umang apologizes koki and leaves. Radha requests umang not to leave her alone but he leaves. 

Radha asks ahem, madhu, gopi, jayanth and koki to believe umang. But koki scolds radha to shut up and says she doesnt know about umang properly and asks radha to forget him. Umang thinks his plan got failed. Radha denies it and says her love has changed him. Radha denies to accept the trap of umang. Gopi explains radha. Koki says radha that she would prove her. Koki asks ahem to sign a cheque of 10lakhs. Ahem does. Koki says umang would take the cheque and forgets radha. Koki & ahem leave to umang's place.