Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Bade Acche Lagte Hain 13th November 2013 Written Update

At Kapoor mansion, Priya tells Pihu that Ram will be broken when he learns the truth of his daughter and she don’t want that and thats the reason why she isnt telling the truth to him. Priya again says when she will get convinced that he can take the truth, then she would tell him. Priya says pihu to sleep and leaves. Pihu recalls Priya’s words and says I don’t understand what love is? Again, She says I love my papa, pari,mayra, dadi and loves my mom too. Pihu says herself, I love her but mom will never understand. Pihu calls Sammy. Meanwhile Sammy is with some girl. He picks Pihu’s call and tells him everything about priya's warnings. He says I will call you in 5 mins and hangs on. Sammy leaves to kapoor mansion.

At shergill's mansion, Neha finds priya worried. Neha gives green tea to Priya and asks what is the matter. She asks her to share her worries. Priya says, she is not understanding where the problem lies. she is worried about Pihu and she is not saying anything. she can’t handle her alone. Neha asks her to tell and says they will handle her together. Priya says, everything which happened before 7 years was true and then she met with an accident and 7 years have passed by.
She says difference arises between them. Pihu went very far from us. I loves her very much but I don’t know from where to start as she is not ready to listen anything. Sammy and Pihu are good friends and I hope they aren’t hiding anything from us. Pihu understands Sammy. Neha agrees and says they are good friends. Priya says she wants Sammy to make Pihu understand. Neha assures priya that she will talk to him and asks him to talk to Pihu.

At kapoor mansion, Ram calls Suhani and asks her to come down to kapoor mansion and be with Priya as she is stressed. Suhani agrees. Sammy comes drunk to Kapoor Mansion. Pihu asks him, why you came here in this state. Sammy says he came to cheer up her. Sammy says, your mom went to meet my mom. Sammy says he is hungry and asks Pihu to prepare him food. Sammy praises her and her cooking. Sammy says you are my best buddy. Sammy eats the food. Sammy says he will spend his life with her and says I love you. Pihu asks, are you sure? Sammy replies yes. Pihu says, she didn’t know how she feels for him? You are my best buddy and had always with me whenever I am in need. You are different from others. He sleeps on her shoulder without listening to her words. She wakes him and asks him to sleep in the guest room. She asks him to drink lemon water fast and helps him lie down on the bed.

Suhani comes to Kapoor Mansion and tells Gopal kaka that Ram called her for Priya’s check up. Gopal kaka asks her to wait for Priya and till then rest in the guest room. Suhani goes to the guest room and drinks the water. She sits on Sammy. Sammy wakes up and shouts. Sammy says, you are trying to grab a chance on me. Suhani slaps him and says she didn’t know he is there and kaka asks her to rest here and she is not girl of that type. Sammy stands up and holds her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. Sammy laughs and says he was just joking. Suhani comes out of the house and sees Pihu tensed in the garden. Pihu recalls Priya’s words. Suhani recalls Sammy words and gets angry. Pihu thinks about Sammy and smiles. Then she thinks about Priya saying Ram will not be able to cope up. Sammy thinks how can she slap me? he says she is nothing like Pihu. She can handle my good and bad days even when I am drunk because Pihu is my best friend. He wonders why he is thinking about Suhani who slapped him.

Next day morning, Suhani is preparing breakfast for herself. Priya says she will prepare for her but suhani stops her. Pihu also comes and greets her. Priya asks, why you are here so early in the morning. Pihu says Sammy stayed here at night and we informed Neha aunty. Pihu asks Priya, what she will have in breakfast. before Priya can say, Juhi says she will eat oats. Priya gets upset. Juhi changes the topic and asks Pihu to make tea for Priya. Suhani says she has already prepared it. Juhi asks her to serve it. Priya asks suhani to bring out. 

Priya comes out and comfronts the Lawyer who comes and asks for Juhi. Priya says she will call her and asks the purpose of his visit? He says she have to come in court as the summons came. she has to come with Ram Kapoor to give the statement. Priya asks what is wrong? Juhi comes and he says today is your hearing date and you have to give the statement. He asks her if she will change her statement. Juhi says she will give the same statement. Juhi tells Priya about Rajiv.
Priya will be walking away, lawyer asks juhi that she spent the night with Ram Kapoor and they are in a relationship. Juhi says yes and says she will be there. Priya is shocked to hear that. Priya asks Juhi, whether it is true. Before Juhi can say, Ram comes and asks her to relax. Priya says she wants to know whether it is true. Ram says it is not true. Juhi says she lied because of the IT raid. Ram says Rajiv framed me and send IT people, to save me from problem she lied and didn’t think about her reputation. She saved my me and reputation. Priya looks at her unconvinced.

Priya says she can see truth in his eyes. Ram thanks her and says that Juhi has to tell this lie again in court. Priya says, if you don’t mind can I come there in court. I want to listen to the lie when Juhi will say.