Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th November 2013 Written Update

At umang's house, Umang will be happily talking to someone on phone about his trap on radha. Koki and ahem comes there and gives the cheque to him. Umang takes the cheque calmly. Koki & ahem leaves after giving a warning that he shouldnt bother anyone in their family. 

At modi bhawan, gopi will be consoling madhu. Radha will be confident that umang will not take the cheque. Koki & ahem comes there and says radha that umang has taken the cheque. Radha doesnt believe them. Ahem gets the call from the bank manager that umang has come there to collect 10 lakh rupees so he wants to confirm whether he can give the money or not. Radha listens this and shocks. Kinjal scolds koki for giving such a big amount to umang. Koki explains everyone that she wants to prove radha about umang's real character and she is doing all this for gopi. Radha says she cant believe them and wants to talk to him directly. Radha calls umang but he cuts the call. Radha will be crying for umang and madhu scolds her that she is shedding tears for a waste man. Everyone will be trying to console radha but radha denies them. Umang comes there and everyone will be wondered looking at him. Radha will be happy. Umang gives the money briefcase to koki and a mangalsutra. Umang says he wants radha's true love and wants to marry her with their permission. While umang is leaving, radha rushes to him and hugs him. Everyone will be shocked. Radha says uman that she believed him. Gopi goes to them and drags away radha from umang. Umang asks gopi not to hurt radha anymore. Umang says radha that he doesnt wants to marry her without her family's permission. Umang leaves. 

Koki and others get hyper towards radha. Koki declares everyone that umang isnt a good guy and radha isnt bothered about it. They have involved in this issue because radha is gopi's sister. But now as radha isnt accepting the truth so from now radha and umang arent allowed into modi bhawan. Koki asks gopi whether she is with her or not. Gopi says koki that she is with her. Gopi leaves from there saying its mira's milk time. Gopi's family leaves along with shah's. 

At urmi's place, madhu thanks kinjal for consoling radha in a proper way. Kinjal says she has already experienced radha's pain before. Urmi finds this and thinks if their friendship gets more intense then she would be ignored in her own house. 

At modi bhawan, ahem consoles crying gopi.