Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 15 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi will be upset and working at mandir. 
Koki finds this and feels bad. 

At urmi's place, radha finds no one in the home and jitthu's mobile. So she takes it and rushes into her room. She gets down the bed and calls umang. Radha says she cannot live without him. Umang says he too feels the same and says he would send a proof for his love and disconnects the call. Radha gets a MMS in which umang cuts name of radha on her hand with a knife. Radha cries looking it. Madhu comes there and finds radha under the bed and scolds for not changing her mind still. 
Urmi comes there and hears madhu scolding radha and thinks, madhu used to behind her all time and never allowed to touch the phone as well and now her daughter has spoiled madhu's pride. 

Madhu scolds radha not to move out of the house. Radha blames gopi that she is responsible for this. Madhu again scolds radha for blaming gopi and playing games with rashi's married life. Urmi shocks and starts yelling at radha that she has no love for her sisters. And she has no respect for her as she has allowed to meet gopi after years. Again urmi scolds madhu that she has endured all the pain she has given till now. Urmi drags radha-madhu and asks them to go away from her house.  Radha yells at urmi that she and her daughter are more dangerous than snakes. 

Radha reveals the story of swayam's love before madhu. Madhu shocks. Radha says urmi also has hand in this story as she used to talk to her as swayam on phone which she has believed. Urmi remains speechless. Madhu now return yells at urmi for their mistake. But urmi again says them to leave. Radha warns urmi that if she send away them from her home then she would directly go to modi bhawan and reveal this truth to modis then they would send away rashi again into this chawl. So urmi compromises and asks madhu not to bother her and she would not bother them. 

At modi bhawan, hetal-koki will be worried for madhu-jayanth. Gopi who is working beside them burns her hand. So koki says she would take back her words about radha and she would help her parents to separate radha-umang. 

At urmi's place, in kitchen radha thinks that she too should do something as umang to prove her love for him. Radha cuts her hand with a knife as umang. Here umang will be happy fooling radha. Radha gets fainted due to bleeding. Koki calls madhu. Urmi finds fainted radha in the kitchen and yells. Urmi says everyone that radha has cut her nerves. Koki hears radha has cut her hand nerves. Gopi shocks. Kinjal helps to tie a cloth on radha's hand. Urmi will be muttering bad mouthing about radha. Gopi crying prays khana ji to save radha.