Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 18 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th November 2013 Written Update

At the hospital, gopi calls umang and warns him not to bother radha anymore if not she will file a complaint against him in the police station. But umang smiles off to her warning. Later, radha wakes up. Madhu happily walks out to inform everyone. Rashi and urmi will be with radha, rashi says why she has attempted suicide for umang when she loves swayam. Urmi tries stopping rashi, radha says why is she still continuing this story. Urmi stops radha and asks to take rest. Everyone come inside. Gopi asks radha how is she feeling but radha doesnt respond to her. Gopi gets upset. Doc checks radha and says she can get discharged by evening. 

Gopi, koki will be walking outside the hospital talking about radha, umang arrives there. Umang asks gopi to let him meet radha. Koki & gopi scolds umang. Umang begs koki & gopi. But koki scolds him for his act. Kinjal comes there and scolds umang. Umang begs kinjal as well. Though all the 3 ladies scold him, umang still tries to beg them to let him meet radha. Kinjal warns umang that she would slap him with her sandal. Gopi & koki supports her. Umang says sorry and leaves. 

Urmi says everything to rashi. Urmi says rashi that all modis know very well about this and has supported radha as she is gopi's sister. Rashi gets angry and thinks of scolding radha but urmi stops her. Koki comes there and asks them to get inside. Radha gets discharged. Umang comes there to check radha but kinjal-gopi-koki doesnt allow radha to look at him. At modi bhawan, hetal ask rashi to prepare food for gopi-koki as well. But rashi who is angry leaves from there without talking anything. Hetal wonders.

At urmi's place, koki-gopi will be talking to all. Madhu thanks koki for helping them. Madhu says they would finish up radha's wedding as soon as possible. But koki-gopi says madhu not to force radha. Radha over hears this and gets upset. Though everyone suggests that not to do that but she decides to make her wedding. Dhawal says he know a guy who is perfect for radha. Gopi-koki leaves.