Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2013 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi gets a call from madhu. Madhu invites gopi-rashi-koki-hetal to rajpal nagar to stay with her when the alliance family arrives. Madhu says she dint say anything about the alliance to radha. Gopi asks madhu to tell the truth before. Madhu agrees and hangs on. Urmi says madhu to use their money other than asking jitthu. Jitthu scolds urmi.

At modi bhawan, gopi will be worried about radha. Koki-hetal also will be worried. Hetal says everyone that they too have faced these situations and might be madhu also thinking the same as they were. Rashi feels bad that modis have forgiven radha though she tried to depart her and jigar. And thinks modis can never give importance to her as gopi. 

At rajpal nagar, madhu tells radha about the alliance. Radha denies to meet the groom. Urmi yells at radha to elope with umang if she is in deep love with him. Kinjal comes there and scolds urmi for giving stupid ideas to radha. Urmi taunts kinjal whether she is worried that her ex-boyfriend is behind radha now. Kinjal scolds urmi for speaking nonsense and leaves from there with radha. 

At rajpal nagar, modi ladies arrive. Madhu asks radha to get ready but she denies. Gopi goes to radha and explains her that madhu is doing only for her. Radha thinks of talking to umang before they marry her with some other guy. Radha goes to washroom. Here madhu sends kinjal to keep an eye on radha. But urmi thinks of working alone so she rushes to radha's room. Urmi finds radha missing in her room. Urmi hears water flowing sound from washroom and tries calling her. Radha keeps on pouring water. Urmi will be waiting for her outside. Radha takes off all the window glasses of bathroom and jumps outside. 

At rajpal nagar, dhinesh and his family arrive. Dhawal introduces each other. Madhu goes inside to bring radha. Gopi & koki's says dhinesh's family about umang's trap on radha. Madhu & urmi will be banging washroom's door. Finally urmi doubts that radha might be not in the room.

Radha comes to umang's house and says umang that she has come for him leaving behind her family as they were trying to marry her with some one else. Umang remains speechless. At rajpal nagar, dhinesh agrees to get married to radha. Everyone will be happy. Kinjal also comes inside. Urmi starts yelling that radha has eloped. Though kinjal stops urmi, she will be bad mouthing radha. All come inside. Madhu says everyone that radha isnt opening the door. All men try to open the door and finally finds radha has gone away from the washroom's window. Madhu starts crying. Dhinesh's family leaves. 

At umang's place, radha asks umang to marry her. A lady comes outside. Radha asks umang who is she? Umang says radha that he cant marry her. Radha remains shocked.