Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th November 2013 Written Update

At rajpal nagar, urmi taunts madhu that she should have been kept radha under her control before she has eloped with umang. Madhu feels bad. Gopi apologizes before dhinesh's family as radha has run away some where. But radha comes there and apologizes everyone for not listening to them from before. Gopi doubts and asks radha how come she has changed all of sudden. Radha denies the question and apologizes gopi. Radha says madhu that she is ready to marry anyone they will show. Madhu feels happy. Even urmi & rashi doubt about radha's behavior. Koki asks dhinesh's family to give their wish about radha. Dhinesh agrees to marry radha. Radha gets worried. Koki asks prameela (Dhinesh's mother) to decide the date and time. Dhinesh parents say that the very next day is very good and dhinesh need to leave for US in few days. All the family members have thilak ceremony for the couple. 

Next day, at modi bhawan, gopi talks to mira that they will get ready soon and go to radha's marriage. Hetal-koki come there and feel happy looking gopi happy. Hetal-koki give the wedding saree and wedding for radha to gopi. Gopi feels happy for the love they are giving for radha. Jitthu and jayanth will be taking care of all the preparations. Urmi taunts jayanth that jitthu is spending all his money for radha other than jayanth. Modis bring all the gifts for radha and madhu thanks them. Radha will be looking for umang. Later mehendi ceremony starts. All the ladies will be dancing and radha will be worried & upset. While radha is having mehendi, Urmi taunts radha that the guy has agreed to marry her after listening to her love story. Koki scolds urmi to stop it. Rashi sits beside radha and taunts that they hope she has a happy married life after knowing her love story.

Urmi & rashi badmouths radha that god will suffer her as she has tried to break up rashi-jigar. Later, radha finds a ring in the almara and wears it. Umang comes as a worker to the marriage area. Ahem dashes with a guy and black paint spills on umang's face who was passing by. Ahem apologizes him.

Gopi finds out about radha-umang's marriage plan.